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Commendable boldness

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Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has said that the decision to unveil the statue of Tamil saint-poet Thiruvalluvar here on August 9, is aimed at paving the way for harmonious relationship between Tamils and Kannadigas.

The CM was speaking to a delegation of the Federation of Karnataka Tamil Sanghams, comprising over 13 organisations, which called on him on Tuesday. The government had decided not to link the unveiling of the statue to other vexed disputes like Cauvery river water sharing and the Hogenakkal drinking water project.

For the full report that appeared in the New Indian Express, click here

Commendable boldness shown by Sri B S Yeddyurappa, which should help dispel the fears harbouring amongst minorities, of all kinds, that, as a BJP CM, he is vulnerable to the machinations of the various chuvinistic forces.

Can we hope he will show similar courage in taking this step, which perhaps only a BJP CM can take?  

Muralidhar Rao


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Irrelevant and damn meaningless..

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This is absurd. This blog itself is absurd in the first place, and summarily irrelevant to the context defined around Praja here.

Come on Praje, what do you think you're here on this portal for? Do you want some irresponsible posts to while away your time, and drag your attention onto things that dont matter here? At least looking at what Praja has to offer to this community, and towards its betterment, posts such as this begun by Murali Sir are nothing but anti-thesis to Praja's intentions.

Unveiling of a statue, that too so controversial in nature, involving so much political intentions in the background - does Praja want to get involved in such a race, and spend substantial muscle and time in a vain effort? Mr. Murali might have the (single-point) intention and agenda to usurp that tone into Praja's discussions, but I am surprised that the moderators over here seem to be sleeping over this absurdity. Why let this post linger around in the first place? What on earth does Praja have to do with a stutue somewhere in this city - and why is it only in this case?! Is it just because Mr. Murali reads it in another newspaper, finds it hot, and itches to report the same over here? That is not what Praja would like to treasure, does it?

I strongly urge the moderators to take exception of this blog by Murali, and take steps to discontinue it with immediate effect. I dont think Praje will tolerate such senseless talk on this page, especially not of this generation! Only with interest of sanity in Praja discussions is this important, mind you. And if the author of this post happens to be one among you, I can only pity your state, and nothing else.

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There is a voting mechanism

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A simple "vote to unpublish this post" would have sufficed.  No need to lecture us  on our duties and responsibilities and what the purpose of our site is and why we linger here.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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suits fine

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Your response suits fine with my comment, I say!

If you cant stand a few extra words in this regard, I am sure you would be itching to erase this excessive blog off this page too.

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Kicking up a row?

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We love Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar, we love his works that have been translated into so many languages but never read by Kannadigas  - and that is enough.

- because we have our own saint poets including Basavannanavara Vachanas, Shankaras, Vedaanthas, etc.,

this statues business appears prima facie to create chaos in the city and to gain sympathy from a section of society who are fond of that Saint Poet.  since when our politicians started loving such literate is not fathomable.

Enough of this Dikhaaawaa. Either Postpone indenifitely or cancel such political abberation in the name of peace and tranquity in karnataka.  Politicians should know that they are here tody and gone tomorrow but Tamillians and kannadigas have to live together in an amicable society with love and affection minus such political interventions that create all kinds of unwanted confusions.

Please keep politics off such a sensitive issue. All these decades this sensitive issue was burried in the ghettos of Vidhana Soudha and suddenly it has surfaced just to create enemity between Kannadigas and Tamillians who have been living a harmoneous life.

It is a shame that the statue issue has been raked up when by elections are around the corner and it exposes the hollowness and rank opportunism of a particular party only to divert the attention and gain sympathy for votes and to remain in power by hook or croock.

Vasanth Mysoremath


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Nijavaada - If you noticed

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There was not a single response to Murali's post till you came along.  So it was likely that most of us did not find the issue of high relevance.  Was that not obvious to you?

Anyway there was nothing in the least offensive about his post  that warranted moderation.  Please explain why you think it is necessary to remove Murali's blog in a few simple sentences instead of doing the equivalent of shouting loudly.   That might work on other blogsites - it does not work here.

Again - you cannot come here and tell us what to blog on and what not to blog on.  You don't set the rules here.  Hope you get this part quite clearly.





Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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@Nijavaada,Murali's blog was

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Murali's blog was fact based and did not have any personal attacks against anybody, thereby not flouting praja guidelines in my opion. So, I don't see why it requires intervention by the moderator.

Disagreeing with the post is one thing; I myself care less about what a politician does and I chose to ignore that part of Murali's post (thereby I am voicing my opinion of disgreement).
But, coming to your question about the purpose of that post and of what use it is on praja...well..I assume you read Murali's blog completely and opened the link he has given at the very end. If we read the contents of that link completely with our eyes wide open :-) we will see that he has highlighted the problem of footpath encroachment and thereby questioning/commenting and hoping that the same Yeddi/goverment has the courage to enforce laws and remove those encroachments. So, fellow prajagale (and Nijavaada), i am sure that all of us can read and understand english equally, so please correct me if my above understanding is incorrect.

Coming to your post, it flouted the basic guideline of ->
No foul language, hate mongering or personal attacks. If criticizing third person or an authority, you must be fact based . . .

i pasted the above lines word to word from the praja guidelines located below (sorry for preaching these guidelines which are obvious to one and all); so, please convince us why your post should not be the one marked for deletion? How does your post..or rather..public display of anger add any value?

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setting new rules?

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Mr. Yajaman, please be clear in your mind. On Praja, neither do you set the rules. No one single person does. So when it comes to the agreed upon rule, every single person better follow it, and that includes you.

And I have not come to your home and making suggestions here, mind you mister. I am just making a constructive criticism here, and whoever said it, none of my remarks was foul in nature. It displayed the dismay after reading such an irrelevant article on Praja.

Now coming to the point that only now people are commenting on it is matter of pure coincidence. Or as you say, it might even show the apathy Praja displayed to this irrelevant blog. Which kindles the fact that this post needs to be flushed.

Coming to the criteria part. So if I am not being offensive, Praja will allow me to write about anything. So one can nearly make this page his personal diary, and start blurting out words from his/her mind, and never fear people's flak or critique! That is certainly not acceptable by anyone here, I am sure. Praja doesnt want to become a chatroom, I hope. It appears that its only because it came from Nijavaada that you dont like the suggestion! Which is fine by me, but unfortunate for Praja as a community with a goal in mind. This kind of aberrations have to be remedied at their infancy. If you turn a deaf ear to that, suit yourself!

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on the border

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I would say this post sits on the border as far as relevance to civic matters is concerned. Law and Order is a civic issue. And the related topic of shrines being used as "fronts" for encroachment or becoming hurdles for civic projects at times can also be called out as a civic matter.

But pure political discussions are not what we want to promote here. One could say that this post is political in nature.

As expected, not many took interest in this post, including myself, till these comments flooded up. Moderators have the right to mark this post out for moderation.

If you ask me personally, I don't like this post - its not geeky, it doesn't add that much more on top of the media report Murali referring to.

But, but, but. "I don't like this post" can't be a reason for moderation or deletion. If the admins went by that yardstick, trust me, Praja website would have had far fewer posts than it currently has. That is why we have a new system now - moderators get a vote (as opposed to rights to delete earlier) so that they don't use "I don't like" as the yardstick to moderate.

Nijavaada - I have seen you argue with facts and wonderful reason at some past posts (We have exchanged messages). Welcome you back, and look forward to some nice posts of the kind nobody posts here - medium of instruction debate, performance of ministry promoting local culture, kannada seats (Rs 1 crore each) at universities, focus on tier 2 cities are all subjects that many (in english media, and in sites like this one) are not auditing. Look fwd to members like you to draw attention in analytical manners.


SB aka Pranav

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No boldness that is

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 Mention of boldness in the Title of the blog entry was mildly provocative. 

If we think of it a bit of provocative title does create interest. My reaction was negative towards Yeddiyurappa. However I had to revise my opinion by gathering more information. 

It seems that 

1.      Statue of the Tamil poet was already in existence at the very same venue.

2.      It was a barter deal of Sarvadnya statue being put in Tamil Nadu

3.      Yeddiyurappa decision is there fore not earth shaking 

As educated and responsible citizens we need to decide what is wrong and what is correct without emotions. A verification of correctness of information is necessary too before passing judgment. I quickly add to err is human.

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Apathy not enough to flush a blog

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There have been plenty of posts that have hardly got a single response or less than 100 reads.  That does not qualify them being flushed.  If the moderators have a problem with this post, then they will remove it.  Plenty of posts have been removed.

You attacked the author of the post which violates one of the guidelines here. 

"Is it just because Mr. Murali reads it in another newspaper, finds it hot, and itches to report the same over here"


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Politics is not a dirty word

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 I do not agree with SB. An online dictionary meaning of the word is: 

  1. The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.
  2. Political science. 

India is a nation. I do not understand SB’s belief regarding politics is not relevant here. It is very much relevant here in PRAJA. 

I like SB’s remarks about Nijvada. However Nijavada needs to embrace a broader perspective IMHO.

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Nothing but a Political Gimmick

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BSY unveiling the statue is nothing but the usual, routine political gimmick.

Unfortunately, some see it as bold, whilst others are angered by it. Both groups need to improve on their tunnel vision & see the larger picture instead of falling prey to our silly politicians.

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Exactly - just a shameless political gimmick

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Wanted to completely avoid commenting on this post. Just the kind where we can go on an on with out converging at all - each one of us will have our own views.

Cant agree more with Naveen's comment. This is no "BOLD" move - just one of BJP's shameless poll gimmicks. Why bring up this issue just when the council elections were around the corner - if this move is not to please the a section of the society what else could it be.

For once i also agree with VKM's observation - Politicians should know that they are here tody and gone tomorrow but Tamillians and kannadigas have to live together in an amicable society with love and affection minus such political interventions that create all kinds of unwanted confusions.

Statues like with this one or Maya's are just a waste of resources and can only cause social unrest - even if it gets installed, it is hardly a matter of time before it is damaged by pro kannada groups - which will lead to more unrest and tension in the society.
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bit too risky to be an election gimmick

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I wouldn't like to believe that this is just an election gimmick. On the other hand, I would like to believe that, learning from the mis-handling of the Mangalore and other issues, he is now striving to acquire the stature of a statesman. His having managed to rope in a number of important personalities, including the leader of the opposition in the state legislature, to join him in an appeal to the people of the state to build a harmonious relationship with our neighbours in Tamilnadu - check this, I would say is indeed commendable (if some people have a problem with my terming it 'bold').

And, yes, as blr-praj has pointed out, I am now hoping that BSY will now take this further, and take 'bold' (everyone OK?) to correct the many wrongs of the past.   

BSY is aware that he is running the risk of further alienating the likes of Nijavaada, which can totally neutralise the support he may gain from Bangalore Tamils. But, I would like to believe that he is looking for the overall support of the moderates across the spectrum, who after all are far larger in number. And, that to me that is indicative of statesmanship. Well, so I hope.

Mathu Ritesh avare' - How can you ever equate a Mayawati to Tiruvalluvar? Have a heart, please!   


Muralidhar Rao
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Can you understand the following Sarvajna's vachanas

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(if those Karnatakites/Indians who cannot understand this  Sarvajna Vachana, get it translated from those who know Kannada, understand the greatness)

ದಂತ ಪಂಕ್ತಿಯ ನಡುವೆ ಎಂತಿಪ್ಪುದದು ಜಿಹ್ವೆ

ಅಂತು ದುರ್ಜನರ ಬಳಸಿನಲಿ ಸಜ್ಜನನು

ನಿಂತಿಹನು ನೋಡ ಸರ್ವಜ್ಞ!

Hey guys,
Please - most of u r behaving like kids and fighting and arguing and are finally 'agreeing to disagree with each other' and come back again when there is another round of United Prajas security and international council meeting. 
My 2 paise Analysis - let us take the majority of the words used - politics, politics and politics. 
Murali's post need not be interpreted as evoking any kind of sentiment or emotion.  However, for those who need to understand how this barter is so badly compromised may like to visit and browse a first hand account of a visit to Ayyanaavaram Park where Sarvajna's statue is being installed.
Gist: It is a park measuring 38X38X39 meters .... etc., and since there is not much of space to accommodate MILLIONS of people who may congregate, CM of Tamil Nadu may, either inaugurate it through a remote controlled button or to oblige the CM and others of karnataka, may personally be present in a nearby school ground to accommodate the crowd.
Mr.Cm visited Ayyanaavaram Park on Monday morning....????
Another concerned kANNADIGA also visited and has posted his ANISIKEGALU.... browse
- Has the whole politically motivated monumental episode of Statues been a historic piece of compromised political manouverability and malleability on the part of politicians?
If I were to be the CM, I would have definitely demanded a place in Paris Corner in Chennai or in front of Central Railway Station because Thiruvalluvaar's statue has been accommodated at a sprawling salubrious lake side areas where millions of visitors throng.
- Got the picture?  Mr.CM, TN was presented with a 40 daimonds ring.with a DMK flag within (let me not bother who gave or who sponsored)
-  What will Mr.CM, Karnataka get on 13th at Sarvajna's inauguration is a moot question.  And how many millions of Kannadigas in TN will attend or those from Karnataka through sponsored by Govt....? 
- Sometimes, some parts of our body become so tender...when...?
- Kurigalu saar kurigalu.
-Vasanth Mysoremath
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Hope this will be a passing phase

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  Even court has decided not to allow the local plea of not allowing the unveiling of the statue under discussion. The function has gone through peacefully. What is wrong with this? Let us hope good sense prevails. VKM sir shall we agree to close this thread please?

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Fulfilling moment

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Calling Yeddyurappa (67) as his “younger brother”, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi (86) said that between them they had set “an example for inter-state relations” in the country. There is “no politics”, it is a meeting of the “hearts and minds” of the people of the two states, he said.

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa termed the unveiling as one of his life’s “most fulfilling” moments.

For the full report that appeared in the New Indian Express, click here

Rarely do politicians rise above politics and display even a modicum of statesmanship. And, here was one instance where they had done much more than that. We should all be applauding the spirit behind it, rather than nit-picking on how big a park or how strategic a spot it's erected at, etc.

I watched the show live on TV9, and as BSY and MK did, while ending their speeches, I would end with Jai Bharat, Jai Tamilnadu, Jai Karnataka. And I will  add Jai PRAJA.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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 VKM sir shall we agree to

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VKM sir shall we agree to close this thread please?/


We should have done it when it was posted but it survived a few posts and led to hotly debated political discussion.

Now that the matter is still alive, let us also keep it alive till the logical conclusion of Ayanavaaram function takes place on 13th instant and the postings of praise or pokes by Prajas and then leave it to SB to send the post into orbit.

Many of us have watched the event at Bengaluru and some TV channels aired them live - the Camera was seen often concentrating a few people reading a large leaflet that portrayed LTTE late (?)Chief Prabhakaran on the front  page with small photographs of CMs of TN and Karnataka.   What can be made out of it?

Let us also wait for more Jais

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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A final takeaway is that our politicians have what it takes to be statesmen —when they put their mind to it. Karnataka has seen eight chief ministers from the time the statue was first built in 1991. It took—surprisingly, many would say—a BJP chief minister to take the bull by the horns and force an outcome.

For the full text of the article by Ramesh Ramnathan, click here

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