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Why I may want to vote for BJP this time

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"I want to say that if NDA (BJP-led National Democratic Alliance) is voted to power, we will pursue this issue at legal and executive level and force Indian citizens to bring back their wealth to the country," Advani said, citing the "crusade" by western countries against tax havens provided by Swiss banks.

"I want to demand today that the prime minister raise this issue strongly at the G-20 and ask to be provided with the details of the Indian wealth abroad," Advani told reporters here.

Advani also asked the prime minister to hold a cabinet meeting on the issue before leaving for the G-20 economic summit, to be held in London April 2.

For the full text, click on:

The Congress has been absolutely silent in the matter, and that's good enough a reason, as far as I am concerned, to throw them out lock stock and barrel. And, with BJP openly committing itself to bring back the hidden wealth, I am inclined to consider them seriously.

Muralidhar Rao


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BJP Makes a Good Promise

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I agree with you on this whole-heartedly !

At least BJP talks of this national disgrace & makes a promise to rout it. It was Congress that had ruled & encouraged swiss accounts for it's leaders a-la Bofors.

BJP, when they were in power earlier, at least attempted some good measures such as the 2-child norm, improvement of national highways, defense, etc. But Congress has nothing to show in all it's time in power other than accepting status-quo on a whole range of issues & going out of the way to please the vote-banks.

Thus, I wud also prefer to choose the lesser of the two evils.

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Why BJP will get my vote - Swiss Bank And Climate change

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Hi Murali

Agree with you and agree with Naveen that BJP is the lesser evil and here is why for me  -apart from the mission to get those stashed away crores back !

if any one has studied the parties 2009  manifestos, it is shameful to see Congress s plan for climate change , considering they launched the NAPCC - it hardly has a mention.Clearly there is no agenda for climate change   -they dont get the urgency and scale of the problem.

I work in the area of climate change and was happily surprised to see that BJP has a well thought out agenda for climate change  -as opposed to a short paragraphs in the INC Manifesto, BJP appears to have engaged with the issue in some what more depth. They have been speaking about it and I am happy to see its way in the manifesto.

They have recognised the threat of climate change and the need to move to a low carbon future - this is the way forward  - setting targets for alternate energy and ensuring energy security,removing subsidies on chemical fertilisers  -these are some good starts.


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It's a laudable goal but.....

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It's a great issue to raise at election time. But surely the BJP doesn't expect us to believe that the 25 lakh crores in Swiss Banks just accumulated in the last 5 years. The BJP was in power for the previous 5 years. How come Advani and company did not raise this issue then and bring the money back to the country? Secondly, how much of the 25 lakh crores belongs to BJP politicians?

There may be a few clean politicians, but by and large all of them are tainted. They just pick and choose issues as it suits them. What's the bet that if the BJP comes back to power, the issue of the money in Swiss banks is given a quiet burial and there's no more talk about it?

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We all have our biases...

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... but in the end, it is better to do more research before casting our precious vote. A political talk in India is just that - talk. Track records of our politicians speak for themselves.

With all due respect, Mr Advani is no Vajpayee to gain my support even if he bombards me with SMS every day, and I don't believe in the Kamala brigade in a host of other equally critical issues. Peace, harmony and progress are as important as corruption and a host of other issues (education and infrastructure for example) in my view.

I didn't want to jump into this political talk, but couldn't help it after seeing some support here for a party with a religious ideology I don't agree with (BSY and Acharya combine for example).

And I have to agree - while other parties may not be as explicit in their ideologies, they haven't done any better when they had their chance.

Just stating my point of view. No intentions of triggering a tirade here.


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murali, your line of

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murali, your line of argument is the same as the newfound support that modi has been getting

but this is an interesting a time of pressing climate change and sustainable development needs, do we vote for modi and his party who get the job done , no matter that they have extreme methods and views on religion and moral policing, and other socal issues we also care about?





lightness of being
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Which devil?

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do we vote for modi and his party who get the job done , no matter that they have extreme methods and views on religion and moral policing, and other socal issues we also care about?

Valid concer, personally It comes down to this. Post poll the new UPA will comprise of a bunch of rag tags with their own pulls and pressures. What will this accomplish? We have seen dharam singh and his coaliation get nothing done.

The advantage of BJP is that they will not attract all the self proclaimed secular rag tag. They will not give in too much either (except buckle to terrorists in Af-Pak). But they will attract anti social elements who will misuse their rule as license to misbehave. This is when we have to stand united and put up a fight for our rights. I bet we havent seen the last of the mutaliks yet. They are just lying low till elections are over. A strong citizen movement is essential anyway and I believe our country has come of age to stand up against idiots in society.

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55 not 5

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But surely the BJP doesn't expect us to believe that the 25 lakh crores in Swiss Banks just accumulated in the last 5 years

I think they were hinting at the past 55. Or since 1991 when we could actually do all this quite easily.

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They at least talk of It

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That BJP is no saints is well known, but at least they have spoken about some better goals. We might not immediately have all issues addressed, but at least there will be awareness & hopefully, some action.

I concur that we have not seen the last of the mutaliks yet, for sure.

As viva said :

They have recognised the threat of climate change and the need to move to a low carbon future - this is the way forward...

I believe there is atleast a sense of recognintion in the BJP camp with respect to this issue, the likes of Varun & Mutalik apart.

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This is when we have to

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This is when we have to stand united and put up a fight for our rights. I bet we havent seen the last of the mutaliks yet. They are just lying low till elections are over. A strong citizen movement is essential anyway and I believe our country has come of age to stand up against idiots in society.

Doesn't it apply irrespective of party(s) in power? Why fight well known, well motivated, forceful ideologists? What are the chances of success say in a fight to make mosques and temples comply with laws of the land? Isn't fighting a potentially lethargic government better than fighting ideology? Pros / Cons? No easy answers here.


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@ Surekha

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@ Surekha
But surely the BJP doesn't expect us to believe that the 25 lakh crores in Swiss Banks just accumulated in the last 5 years. The BJP was in power for the previous 5 years. How come Advani and company did not raise this issue then and bring the money back to the country?

Swiss bank secrecy has been there from WW1 times. It was only when the investigations into the 9/11 incident revealed that a large part of the terrorist funding was being routed through these safe havens, that the US and European countries started tightening the screws on them. So, BJP couldn't have achieved much during its rule even if it wanted to. The Congress could have; but is evading all talk about it. For fuller details, read S Gurumurthy at

Apparently, the Indian monies have been accumulating in the tax havens from Nehruvian times, and received a sudden spurt during Indira Gandhi's rule when I/T levels rose to close to 98%.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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World is watching India's 'dance of democracy'

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Can we wish away minorities from our midst?  Why this kind of sudden love towards Hindutva? Why Rama has been dragged into the rat race of elections?  We have a million gods and million temples.

Why renovate temples on a selective basis, why not all the temples in the State because gods live there?

Why money is not allocated for renovating mosques/ churches/jain temples?

Rama is omnipotent and he cannot be locked up in a marble flored temple alone; he is god not only to a particular party followers and if some people choose to vote against BJP, will they become outcastes? 

This appears to be some kind of a nasty game plan on the emotions and sentiments of gullible people, to garner votes in the name of Gods/religion etc.

Satiating Seers, Swamijis, Mutts tantamounts to pseudo-secular/double standards and reveals the hidden agenda. Whosoever is indulging in such cheap acts does not deserve to be in power to govern a nation of diverse interests that has earned its deserved status of greatest living democracy in the world.  Are all Hindus behaving like traditional Hindus?  Who is a Hindu and what is Hindutva?  

People are watching with disgust - why politicians have to stoop to such low standards in their private and public life?    Is it because they have embraced  politics which is the last resort of scoundrels and they should behave in that manner?  

I want to live in peace in the land where I was born and the religion I have to follow because of my parents and their religion, is only a tag as far as I am concerned and I do not want to impose it on others because I understand and respect their following a religion or faith;

we want to worship our gods within the precincts of our homes and we do not want to impose any kind of religious fundamentalism on anybody else;

we have problems and struggling to live for getting reasonable basic necessities like food, shelter, water, clean air;

we want to safeguard our world from nuclear threat breathing over our neck; our country is having neighbours with nuclear capability but with weak governments and we cannot escalate the simmering heat between us;  We are living with appreciable modest and moderate diplomacy albeit suffering from the onslaught of terrorism;

we want to stop climate change, global warming and protect and preserve our natural resources being over exploited; knowing fully well that they are finite and mother earth will be shortly throwing up her hands to say - sorry children, there is no more milk in my body'. 

We do not want Cutting off hands (Geetha ki khasam...), slitting throats of non-hindus and putting a 'roller' on those who cut off hands, all these amounts to barbaric methods to capture attention in the name of -isms.

When the world is fighting against all types of -isms, this kind of internal terrorism needs to be nipped in the bud. If such anti-social thoughts are being voiced by so called leaders without due regards to the other sects in India, then one can imagine what a chaotic political system will prevail after (touch wood) if such a party comes to power.

This AIDS (Alarmingly Infected Democratic System) is curable with our Vote Vaccine. 

Let us have a stable government at the center and that is the need of the hour to keep a semblance of respect in the eyes of the world.  A Government that respects all and really is of the people, by the people and for the people.

I am not a lover of any party - but in the present day circumstances, I would vote to the LEAST CRIMINAL who belongs to a party with known devils and we have miles to go before reaching our destination.



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@Jenny And, that's why I

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And, that's why I have given the title as "why I may want to", and not "why I want to".

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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IDS avare' Or since 1991

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IDS avare'
Or since 1991 when we could actually do all this quite easily.

Nimmadu eshtu iddae, swamy? :)))

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Nothing left to bank on

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Nimmadu eshtu iddae, swamy? :)))

Yeshtu illa saar. Swiss bank horg indha nod bandhid ashte. Adhralli haak bekagid kaasu hog barodrali karch aagoithu.

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Irresponsible Speech Brigade

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The new term coined by NDTV's Prannoy Roy... the "Irresponsible Speech Brigade". The latest members... Vaiko and Mayawati. Honorary members, Varun Gandhi, Laloo Yadav, Kagodu Thimmappa

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Vote for BJP cause

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Some Interesting observation

Manifesto PDF size
BJP = 3.46MB with 40 pages
Congress = 847Kb with 14 pages


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I would like to vote for BJP and Congress alternating.

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The point I want to make is there should be only two major parties. I would have liked it most if more people like Krishna Biregowda join BJP rather than Congress. Capt Gopinath also should have joined either congress or BJP instead of as an independent. (BJP first Choice if I were him)

Politics is a profession where the best training, maturity of thought besides other good qualities is required to be a good politician. Politics is a bad word as of now. In fact it should not be so.


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BJP's dangerous manifesto

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Dear All and 'littleabout'

I do not know how many of you are aware or if aware, not given a serious thought to a particular point that has been included in BJP manifesto as reported in the media:

If elected,

Article 370 concerning Jammu and Kashmir will be abrogated.

(Please correct me if I am wrong or if I have misread it from reports in the media)

This is a very dangerous point to be included in a manifesto that should have restricted itself to the citizens and their welfare; abrogating Article 370 will not help establish plebiscite or autonomy and bring peace in the terror stricken Kashmir valley.  If we go to the genesis of why Article 370 has been made applicable to Kashmir and its populace, we will understand that extension of this article by the Parliament from time to time has been debated upon and in the national interest, extension has been approved. 

Why NDA did not abrogate Article 370 during their regime?

Were BJP MPs not present when this subject was debated upon in Parliament? 

Kashmir is a very sensitive issue and anything that is said about Kashmir will attract world attention.  Anything that is anti-people will stir a hornets nest in the valley.  

'Does size matter?'  May be for some, but what matters is how performance oriented it could be and what are its properties.   Mr.Lal Bahadur Shastri had a diminituve personally but was one of the best Prime Ministers, India ever had.

If BJP comes to power, it is going to prescribe a national dress code for all particularly government servants - Kakhi Chaddi and black topi with a lathi to fight international terrorism. 

Regarding India's policy decisions about climate change, UPA has played it safe and rightly so, because India's per capita emission of CO2 and its carbon footprints are in the vicinity of just 6 per cent; whereas USA is the highest with 25 per cent per capita emission with European nations hovering around 15 per cent.   Though we have the ability to increase our footprints through increase in industrial output, nuclear capability, power production etc., we have understood the grave situation due to green house gas emissions, climate change, global warming and global dimming and we have at grassroots level launched enough control mechanisms that have already started yielding fruits. 

A day will come when India will be flaunting the maximum carbon credits through its climate control methodologies that will enable the country to attract more of FDIs and investments in green technology. 

With religious fundamentalism, splurging millions to renovate only temples and in the name of god,  with no food to eat, no water to drink, etc., communal degradation of the society, creating a fear syndrome in the minds of minorities and other people various highly important points on international diplomacy, G20, Nuclear Policies, containing terrorism will take back seats.  Streets will be strewn with cut hands and slit throats and blood and gore?   All these have happened and this is not a hate speech. 

We want a strong, stable, secular, safe, sovereign democratic government at the center to have a peaceful existence among all the subjects in India. 

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Art 370

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There is no need for any state in India to have a special status.

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Art 370 - 'no need' ??

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Appears to be a very general statement.  other points ?

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so you mean to say...

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So you mean to say talibanization is better than BJP rule?

The thoughts that you have printed out clearly show your hate towards the BJP.
Sorry but this does not impress me its more like a fairly tale.

<a href="">read this
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Religion is a personal matter

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 Is there a need for art 370? Obama is half black but won overwhelmingly. We had Presidents of different religions/sex. Religion is a personal matter. Is there a need to mix-up issues, really?


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Talibanisation itself is bad

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littleabout Sir,

Let me declare here, once and for all,  that I am not a lover of politics, leave alone any party. We are governed by these unnecessary (d)evils who take anything and everything sensitive and make a big issue of it just to see that their purpose of increasing cheap popularity is served.

Hate is a bad word, so is talibanisation. We are longing for a peaceful world to live in.  Our request is, leave religion, gods, communal feelings alone;  do not make them as your poll planks.  We know how to respect our society provided it respects us and our sovereign ways of living.  Any change that upsets remotely also is opposed.

Live and let live. Do not try to live and let die.

psaram42 Sir,

Article 370 is a sensitive issue and my experience in Kashmir Valley/Ladakh, Leh border areas for more than 5 years from 1965 has made me believe that it is Article 370 that is keeping the citizens of the valley happy and there is a  necessity to provide special status for J&K in the national interest.  

-Vasanthkumar Mysoremath


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Why I am dissappointed with BJP?

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BJP, their godfathers and their professed prejudices against section of Indian population is known to everybody. Enough has been said and enough will be said about them in coming days and years. Leaving that aside, as a national party, which aspires and leaves no opportunity to assert it self as the only alternative, has a very disappointing report card during last 5 years as the lead opposition party.

As a political party given the reigns of lead opposition party, is expected to play the role of opposition in the parliament in checking the government of the day in its policies and governance. BJP has utterly failed to perform the duties of an opposition party in last 5 years. If we look at their performance as opposition, we get nothing but frustrations and disappointments.

Its Role in 5 Budgets.

Except for 2 budgets, BJP boycotted the Parliament session during crucial budget discussions and voting on one pretext or other. P Chidambaram had a last laugh on 4 budgets he presented. Basically he had a cake walk on all 4 occasions, except for some RED noises. BJP didn't bothered to counter the government in parliament, but did everything outside of the parliament. They didn't want to participate in the discussion in parliament but had the audacity to give a memorandum to the PM at his residence for changes in budget allocations. PM did the right thing by refusing to consider the request and asking them to bring it in the parliament discussion. They utterly failed to perform the sovereign duty which was given to them by the Indian public.

Its week and mute response to Govt's attempt to sign Nuclear Deal

Atleast the RED had the guts to snap the ties with govt (even though I consider them to be on wrong side on that issue) and made their case. But BJP found itself to be neither here nor there on Nuclear 123 deal. They didn't had any coordinated opposition or case to be made. All their arguments lacked substance and needed ferocity. It was just a case of opposition for the sake of opposition. Also they don't have to oppose the govt all the time even for issues that right in the merit. They could extended the support to govt and ensure that its genuine concerns are taken care off. Their unprincipled opposition made sure that UPA govt by ratification from Parliament was successful in signing the agreement on their own terms rather than terms of all the sections of the society.

Opposition to introduction of VAT in the country

BJP's opposition to introducing the VAT in the country exposed their unprincipled opposition for no genuine cause. Nothing changed from the time of introduction of VAT, to the time when every NDA ruled state started slowly implementing the VAT. Thsi clearly shows how unprincipled was BJP on national issues. It is not that other parties including Congress are principled, but BJP claims to be a party of difference, principle, nationalist (by accusing others as pseudo-secularist) . People including me had a huge expectations that BJP even though its tone and strength lies in prejudices, would rise to the national interest and support the govt for right issues. But BJP found itself in wanting.


Its unprincipled stand on every issue that had communal tone

BJP left no opportunity to go by, without resorting to exhort the minorities in sending a message that in BJP's scheme of things they are not equal partners with other sections of Indian society. Whether it was a Census figures (with adding J&K population to the Muslim population) or hate filled election campaign in UP (Video recordings are available with NDTV), inaction of Karnataka Govt in response to incidences in Mangalore and other places, Kandhamal, Crocodile tears for Hajj Subsidy etc.

In summation, it is a big question to Indian voters. A party which is guilty of dereliction of its duty, should be given a chance to govern once more? 

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BJP's pseudo secular projection/nepotism, are its undoing..

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Syed Saab,

Theek pharmaya aapne.  In addition, a number of muslim leaders have identified themselves with BJP that cannot be fathomed.  Isn't it time to rethink about their role in BJP?

BJP could have been a good alternative for the nation but they will have to think in radicle terms, rationalise their policies and rejig their priorities.  May be in course of time, BJP will vertically split and a real secular BJP will be born from the abysmal depths of the black hole of communal hatredness and join with Congress, a real secular party or Congress will join that party. History is witness that many BJP stalwarts were once upon a time sincere workers of Congress and their services were really worth emulating.  Why they parted is history...

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath  

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Truth of banks

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It be Congress or BJP, it is the truth that not only abroad in banks, but even in houses / bungalows / lockers of business men have illegal stocks of gold, money, silver, diamonds. If this internal tax evaded property / valuables are brought into use in market in India, whole India can be developed.

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Well sad the BJP lost but

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It seems the elections and the EVM's were rigged.

First of all, Chidambaram who was declared lost in his constituency in the election, was declared as winner after recounting. Mistakes can happen in manual counting, but how can it happen in EVM? then what is the purpose of having EVM?

In virudunagar, no of votes counted were more than number of votes polled, how can it happen?

Though Karunanidhi party has done some people welfare scheme,in this election his victory is purely because of money power, muscle power and misusing the govt.

I am surprised people have decided that the Congress should be again voted to power. I expected the BJP to do well at the national level because I thought people would be concerned about the corruption that was fostered by the UPA government, its softness in handling terrorism, its lethargy and perhaps its disinterest in obtaining details from the Swiss banks about Indian holdings and its misuse of CBI, almost making it a wing of the ruling party. I thought these things would go against the Congress, but it has not happened that way.

The EVM angle need to be probed. If the congress can control the President, the CBI, election commission is what big deal?

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Machines seldom go wrong but men can go wrong often...depends...

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Even I knew 'littleabout' EVMs going wrong.  When I read this news about PC getting elected after two recounts, I sent a msg to one of the Dist. Election Officers requesting him for a simple answer for my question 'Can EVMs go wrong or the poll personnel?' in view of PC and others episodes.

I got a simple msg saying that - EVMs are time tested and accepted, men may go wrong.

Congress win may be a disappointment for followers of Baree Jagalada Party. But the writing was on the wall after Mutalick and Varun's affair.  They had become the thorns in the assumed bed of roses of BJP.  If only BJP can veer around towards real secularism and talk of moral turpitudes, minus hard core fundamentalism of RSS, Moral Policing etc., a day may come for BJP to climb up. Trying to be bombastic or parading money bags or exposing bundles of currency in the Parliament will not take them anywhere.  Majority of the tainted elected MPs in this 15th LS belong to BJP followed by Congress.  

I am not a lover of any party but have a feeling that this AIDS (Alarmingly Infected Democratic System) can be cured with Vote vaccine by Democratic Doctors called Voters.  They have shown their maturity and exhibited a sense of unbiased approach towards establishing a secular and modern India with the help of Congress and not with casteist BJP.  They have opted for good governance through 'no strings attached' approach - Anything wrong? 

Let us also be justified in our approaches towards the problems being faced by India with terrorists breathing over our necks / Sri Lankan/Bangladesh refugees / global recession / 123 /  

People belonging to minority community, dalits and others did not like the hate syndrome in the name of communal feelings spread out openly and brazenly by BJP leaders.   Religious sentiments are dikhaawaas - they are not really practiced by the preachers.  This is where the BJP failed.  Hindutva and unseen Ram are personal affairs of people and not the property of BJP.

- sorry, if I have ranted too much... Comment is free but facts are sacred.

-Vasanth Mysoremath

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littleabout, IĀ think you

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littleabout, I think you got your fact a bit mixed up there. PC won the first round of counting by a small margin of votes. That's when ADMK wanted a recount of the votes. After the recount, Chiddu again won by small margin; but he won, so the EVMs were right the first time as well as the second time.

If you accuse DMK of using money and official power, it could be easily said about the government in Karnataka as well.  Remember missing names in the voters list??


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LittleaboutĀ  - very valid

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Littleabout  - very valid point.
How the hell did the machine re-count differently the second time ?
It has to throw up the same figure each time - there can be NO disconnect
You just may be right  !

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You may be right

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You may be right, also most of the media said PC lost then won, hence the confusion.

I am not in favour of any party but would want to see a fair and free voting. Because if voting is fair it automatically cleans off the non-performing candidates.
But I thought people would be concerned about the corruption that was fostered by the UPA government, its softness in handling terrorism, its lethargy and perhaps its disinterest in obtaining details from the Swiss banks about Indian holdings and its misuse of CBI, almost making it a wing of the ruling party. I thought these things would go against the Congress, but it has not happened that way.

And since almost all of the government machinery including the CBI controlled by the UPA, it really puts a question on the credibility of the election process.

I hope I am wrong.

littleabout's picture

Nice answer

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I got a simple msg saying that - EVMs are time tested and accepted, men may go wrong.

Even Pakistan says they are not supporting terrorist activities so do you believe them?

Have a look at this link and see how secure the EVM’s are

You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.  You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Problem is most of the Indian prefer the blue pill :-)

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its not gonna change

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Nai baala donku antaralla - hage ne yella swamy -

All parties alike - all come to power to fill in their own kitty BUT

what ever government comes - goes - It the past 30 years since I have been born - I have seen a lot of changes -

I have been cycling in KH road - and now travelled in all blue - orange and vajra buses on the same road - not that there were no buses then - but they were red and small in number - and I could cycle easily with it being a two way!  :)

development has to take place and will take place - its sort of evolutionary

which ever party is in power - doesn't matter - what matters is that there is stability in the government and they have the full 5 years to comlete tasks they take up -

and that is what we have to Vote for -

and Hope thats what a majority of Indians have done!

It was a win for all Indians and a win for stability -

not a win for INC or loss of BJP -


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Conducting postmartem? what use?

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Dear All

Remember it is the 15th LS and in 14 LS election postmartems have been conducted for no avail.  Has our system improved? People continue to argue - for and against. We have allowed the decay to repeat and repeat with minority voters rule and less and less participatory democracy. It is we the people who are/were responsible for this kind of shoddy governance.  Think ways and means of stemming the rot.    

Let us be pragmatic and concentrate on what best we can get out of the elected government.  Governments may come and governments may fall but it is we, the people, who have to endure and live with the 'greatest living democracy in the world'.

Have a look at the post 'Public Agenda for the next government' and suggest constructive and meaningful suggestions so that we can make 'online course corrections' to the systemic failures that are haunting our governance.

- Can you repeat this fast enough?


-  We must change this syndrome. Can you youngsters? Do you have it in you? Be proactive - be a part of the society you are living in.  Also read post: SUCCESS STORY OF A STREET COMMITTEE IN MYSORE.

- Vasanth Mysoremath   

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'In stability' we trust

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  what matters is that there is stability in the government and they have the full 5 years to comlete tasks they take up

Really? you take too much for granted.

§§§ Tweetenator

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Rot indeed

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 Think ways and means of stemming the rot

Yes indeed, the rot we have been witnessing for the past 5 years. Rot called populism.

§§§ Tweetenator

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Populism and rot??

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Hey IDS,

            What is the 'populism' you have witnessed in the past five years? Providing basic human needs to people is a way to catch votes, but not necessarily populism. Anything excessive can be termed populism, eg: colour TVs...  But job guanrantees, village roads and such schemes are not populist measures..

          May be some other thread is more apt....may be some other time....

-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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Want to vote for BJP, wait till LS2014.... but now...

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Hoi all,

My submission - key.. sara.. sara... Let us concentrate on way forward

- Electoral Reforms

- Political Reforms

- Need for transparency and accountability

Am I 'right' or 'left-out'?

-Vasanth Mysoremath

Merging assembly and Lok sabha electiosn

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We need structural political reforms if we are to have a stable polity. The only example is the US which had had three centuries of political stability barring the brief period during the civil war.

In order to do that some desicions need a 2/3rd majority in the Lok Sabha. With the nasty left out of the picture, i am sure the UPA and NDA can both together do what it takes.

Shashi Tharoor was advocating a new political system for India on the lines of the French presidential system. comment guidelines

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