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Harnessing the Desert Sun

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A tiny fraction of the sun's energy that shines upon the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East could meet all of Europe 's electricity demands. The technology to harness the energy already exists.

Likewise, entire Karnataka's energy needs can be met by a similar plant at Gulbarga or Raichur, or one in Rajasthan through a consortium involving other states.

With the oil price being what it is, isn't time yet to look at this clean option? Check

Muralidhar Rao


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Solar Power

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Renewables are the power of the future.

If any govt wishes to give free power to farmers , let it be by solar power  instead of by connection to the grid. Free power is supposed to be for only small pumpsets only, so each farmer can be given a small pumpset with a small solar panel. It need work only during the day, and during rains when solar panels do not work irrigation is not needed either. 

It will also put an end to misuse of agricultural power for  other purposes. Also, during the summer when dams are running dry and power cuts are frequent, solar power isabundantly available.

This is a supplement, in addition to what is proposed above. Many Indian and foriegn companies, including BEL, make such pumpsets.If there is great demand, more private players will also get involved and reduce prices further.

In addition, wind energy can be produced along the Western  Ghats.

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western ghats

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ayyo, lets please leave the western ghats from generation, utilization issues. they already have built all sorts of power generation systems there. wind mills have impact on birds. not to mention the grotesque clearing through the hills for power lines. we inherit 60% of the ghats which account for a significant chunk of india's biodiversity. we have nice and useful bayaluseeme for all these types of things.
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wind to power New York

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New York is planning to meet electricity requirements through a mix of wind, solar and tidal energy. Two things of importance here - one - the use of a mix of renewable energy sources and two - localised production and distribution. For the full report, click on

Does Bangalore have similar options?

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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harvest the sun

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We are endowed with abundant sunshine and a 1,70,000 sq km desert which is a natural energy generator waiting to be harnessed. What on earth are we waiting for? The time is ripe for a public-private partnership to help this technology - and India - attain its place under the sun. For more, click on

Muralidhar Rao

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