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Use low beam headlights please

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I am sure everyone has observed the vehicle headlights at night. Most of them are driving with high beam. Do we need this? May be on the highway when one is going at a high speed but not on the city roads where you don’t go at a speed of 60km all the time. Culprits are mostly four and two wheelers. There was a time when top half of the headlights were painted black. Not anymore. I have not seen a vehicle like that. High beam is irritating not only to the drivers coming opposite also for the pedestrians who use the road since hardly any footpath space is available in many areas in the city. Traffic police claim to be coming down on the high beam issue, not sure where they are doing.
Next time when you drive at night, please use low beam headlights. Don’t bother what others drivers do. You can do the right thing.



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Stickers on the headlights

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In Indore, vehicle owners were supposed to paint an inch wide strip on top of the headlight in black. The police enforced this by stopping vehicles and getting the paint done on the spot. Of course stickers were a cleaner option. This was some 8 years ago. Don't know the current scene. Also, the effect of this on the strength of high beam can be debated. comment guidelines

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