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Now you can file RTI online including paymemt of Fees for Central Government/Departments!

One more step towards greater accountability and transparency.

Source - Times Of India

Toilets in Public Places - Examples to learn from!

In my last visit, during a shopping visit to Commercial Street, inquired with a Shop Owner for using the 'Toilet'. He casually requested my to either use the filthy public toilet opposite to M N Textiles or use the one in Woody's Restaurant. Then I started to inquire many shop keepers and their employees about how do they manage?

Building Highways with Greenery around it!

Last week I had to take my family to Ottawa, ON in Canada. Due to summer peak season, the air travel was bit expensive and therefore decided to go by car. It is about 550 Miles (800 Kms) from Washington DC. It took me about 8 hours of driving time besides the breaks that usually goes with traveling with children making it a 11-12 hours journey.

New York - Disposing of Traffic Related Case via Internet!

Recently in one of the family trip to New York, I was given a parking violation ticket for not displaying the parking ticket properly. The violation was I had placed the ticket faced down and the parking inspector couldn't see the validity of the ticket. And rightly so, he issued a ticket. This was in place called Jackson Heights, famous for Indian Stores.

State Govt to develop towns around Bengaluru- Better late than never!

Commuter Rail

If news paper reports is to be believed, state government is slowly realizing that, it is in the public interest that towns around Bengaluru are developed.

Source - Deccan Herald

GOK State Budget 2013-14 - What's in store for Bangalore?


So the much awaited state budget for 2013-14 by Congress government is out. It is still very early into budget announcements to make a real sense of each of these announcements.

Going by Deccan Herald's live blog, here is the list for Bangalore.

Source - Deccan Herald

Wasteland to Picnic Spots? Pune shows the way !

In the climate of disappearing greenery that used to drape our cities, 2 examples from PUNE gives a ray of hope that still it is not too late to undo the damage. Pune’s eyesores of yesterday are the cynosure of all eyes today.

Battle of Good Vs Bad - Autorikshaw Driver Vs Ranbaxy, IPL


What a week! 3 news items that made headlines are worth taking note of.

Please Go out and VOTE - May 5th, 2013


Karnataka State Elections - Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Polling hours extended in Karnataka.

Is Bengaluru slowly DYING?

The city is clearly headed on the trajectory of fate that has befallen the other major metropolises in India, going by the huge influx of migrant labour, professionals and fortune-seekers. It is missing those dreaded statistics that drown the hoi polloi in depths of despair only by a whisker.

Citizen's Charter of Demands for State Elections - 2013


It is 2013 and time for elections to Karnataka State Assembly. Certainly time has flown so fast that, the state elections of 2008 appears as if it happened yesterday. 2008 elections are history now and whether like it or not, 2013 state elections are around the corner.

2013 Karnataka State Budget - What's in for Bangalore?


Today, Shri. Jagadish Shettar, CM, Government of Karnataka presented his maiden and last budget before the state elections slated in Mid-April. Tried to collect some details on what is being doled out to improvements in Bangalore. Here is a summary list that was published in Deccan Herald.

TOI - BMRC plans for Phase-3 to extend Metro to 250 KM Network!

Metro Rail

Posting it on behalf of Deepak (dvsquare).

Source - Times Of India "The third coming: Metro says city needs Phase III."

Namma Railu: Socio-Politico Considerations!

Commuter Rail

Somewhere along, Namma Railu - campaign for Commuter Rail Service (CRS) in Bengaluru, could not make the immense socio-economic benefits stand out to convince the citizen's at large and move the politicians in the direction of taking the lead in getting it approved and implemented.

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