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Vote for School Of Economics In Bengaluru!

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Dear Prajagalu,

Wishing all of you a happy, prosperous, peaceful and productive new year. May your wishes get the wings.

These days the the plans for establishing school of economics in Bengaluru is making headlines. Headlines are more to do with the controversy than details of the project and cost/benefit analysis.

The present Bangalore University VC, Dr. N. Prabhu Dev, is planning to establish the "Bengaluru School of Economics" on the lines of London School of Economics. It seems Dr. Dev has received a pledge of Rs Rs.100 crore from a leading industrialist, Sitaram Jindal of the Jindal Group.

This has followed by controversy of Dr. Jindal benefiting from the deal in terms of getting 50 acres land for a song. Later Dr. Jindal's foundation through a press release has denied these allegations - Source - ExpressBuz

...The Jindal Foundation has clarified that Dr Sitaram Jindal had no role in the functioning of the proposed School of Economics. “We have never asked for allotment of land for the School. It will be built by BU as per their requirement under their guidance and it will be owned and run by BU. Dr Jindal does not have any role in the management of the administration of the proposed School,” the statement said."..

Stung by criticism from detractors, VC Dr. Dev has now eliciting public opinion to support or oppose the project.

VC stated that over the past one-and-a-half months, a section of Syndicate members has openly accused the VC of selling the land to Jindal. “The matter was to be placed before the Academic Council on Dec 27, but with apprehensions about the viability of the Rs 100 crore project, I have withdrawn. Now, I am placing this issue before the public, who should tell me whether, it should be established under BU or outside but under UGC Act or no such school can be established,” he stated.

Public can send their opinion to

Source - IBNLIVE

Controversy and the facts apart, one should welcome the news of one more feather in the crown of Bengaluru city. Who can oppose the establishment of institute of excellence in addition to the IISc, IIMB, NSLU, UAS and host of other private educational institutes. A society's measure of progress and its progressive status is always measured in terms of institutes of higher learning that it has.

Lets send in our opinion either for or against the establishment of the proposed school of economics in Bengaluru.



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I vote forSchool of

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I vote for

School of behaviour improvement & civic sense for citizens or

School of Excellence in outcomes of Public projects for administrators

After the end of Bretton Woods, fiat money has run riot & economists have only been busy trying to explain away black swan moments, (we have been led to believe it was worse before) I hope this institute will not churn out more such status quoists & will actually have people who can redefine GDP measurement to include green quotient, Human development, quality of life etc.

Public needs to be given more information if they are to make a decision. Why not make the report available for public to read understand & express support? BTW this issue tells you more about BU than the school itself. 

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Economics school

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I think it's too early to conclude that the proposed school of economics is a reality - another 'Great Depression' seems imminent :)

A separate School of behaviour improvement & civic sense for citizens may be an overkill - better would be to introduce or enhance existing curriculum/s to include civic sense & behaviour. This would then include all the millions of students with such education in schools /colleges.

School of Excellence in outcomes of Public projects for administrators - why just projects ? I think it should include administration & governance issues itself, given it's dismal state.

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Great move...I welcome and

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Great move...I welcome and wish all the best to VC ...only thing is standard has to be maintained when one is comparing to London School of Economocs.....any way all the best BU... comment guidelines

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