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SWR has been asked to pay for delayed service!

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Source - Deccan Herald

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has directed the department of Railways to pay Rs 2,000 as compensation to a senior citizen, who fell ill after being stranded post midnight at a station in Karnataka.

Have we ever thought of taking BMTC, Autos, BBMP, BWSSB, BESCOM, BSNL etc to task for deficient service? Hats of to this elderly citizen who have shown the way for 'chalta Hai' syndrome citizens like me to wake up from the slumber and fight for the fair services.

It is time we all start filing complaints for that lousy and deficient service from our civic agencies.

May the tribe of 'Balasaheb Bangi' increase many folds. Sir, we salute you for your courage.


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Damage due to BBMP roadways

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I really want to sue BBMP for wear & tear of vehicles due to the deficient roadways they have built in town.  I dont see how else they will realize the seriousness of their jobs.

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it is time?

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Understand your frustration. Do post us on your next step.

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It is nearing the flash point

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The corrupt BBMP officers, and other politicians involved in various scams related to road maintenance should be brought to book by strong Lokaukta instead of claiming tire wear and tear.

1.       Strong Lokpal / Lokaukta bills are the key legislations. 

2.       Less political interference with police / Judiciary

3.       Electoral reforms

4.       Unfortunately, We get what we deserve

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 Do post us on your next

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 Do post us on your next step.

I am trying to work out some cost estimates on wear & tear, mental anguish, time wastage etc, I will post it here to trash it out. Then it will be time to find a lawer who can fight this either as a PIL or as compensation claim or advise the right way to pin them on this.

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 I will post it here to trash

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 I will post it here to trash it out ? We do understand it is meant "thrash" it out. LOL

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Where does this fit?

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Source - Bangalore Mirror

...A 32-year-old techie was shocked when an autorickshaw driver asked him to get off his vehicle midway. When he refused, the latter threatened to set him ablaze. When he phoned RT Nagar police station, he was asked to bring the driver to the station and file a complaint...

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There is a difference

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IMHO Auto drivers can refuse service I think, if not convenient to them. Can they be considered as a private enterprice? We do not know the reason for the peculiar behaviour of the particular Auto driver rfered in your comment above.

To day twice the auto person did not give me the change for my 20 Rs when I was obligated to pay only min fare 0f rs 17/- In a governament service the same would be considered as a bribe, for prompt service.

However government servants are obligated to provide the service assigned to them as per the service rules. Auto drivers are not.

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It comes under public service?

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Psaram Sir,

Cab/Taxi/Auto all come under public service, license issued to facilitate people's travel inside a town/city. In all definitions they all come under public service. It hsouldn't matter whether they are run by state and private, as long as they had agreed to serve the public.

There are 2 issues in the above reported episode.

First, reasons for any auto to deny the ride or midway abandoning the passengers? Second response from police dept?

Actually if you read the news report it doesn't carry all the details of the altercation between the auto driver and the passenger. So we don't know all the truth about this incident.

I just quoted this incident to highlight the fact that what options do citizens have in case I am not served properly when they are required to? In such episodes, aren't I being short served? both by the service provider, service regulator and law enforcer?



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  Shoddy civic work: Techie

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Shoddy civic work: Techie suffers skull fracture

I hope they will file a criminal case against the BBMP comment guidelines

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