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Cost for getting an Electric Connection in India and abroad!

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I am sure you all have gone through this one time or other directly or indeirectly of exeperincing the plaesure of getting an electricity connection. Do We know how much it cost to get an elcetricity connection to our homes, offices, businesses, industry?

Here is an comparison of cost and efforts to get an Electricity connection in India with other countries in the world.

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Some Explanation of the terms used for comparison:


Cost is recorded as a percentage of the economy's income per capita.

All the fees and costs associated with completing the procedures to connect a warehouse to electricity are recorded, including those related to obtaining clearances from government agencies, applying for the connection, receiving inspections of both the site and the internal wiring, purchasing material, getting the actual connection works and paying a security deposit.


A procedure is defined as any interaction of the company's employees or its main electrician or electrical engineer (that is, the one who may have done the internal wiring) with external parties such as the electricity distribution utility, electricity supply utilities, government agencies, electrical contractors and electrical firms.


Time is recorded in calendar days. The measure captures the median duration that the electricity utility and experts indicate is necessary in practice, rather than required by law, to complete a procedure with minimum follow-up and no extra payments.

Country Cost to get an electricity Connection Average # of Procedures Involved Time (In Days) World Ranking
INDIA 216.20% 7 67 54
Japan 0.00% 3 117 1
Hong Kong 1.70% 4 43 2
Taiwan 52.40% 4 23 24
South Korea 38.60% 4 49 19
Singapore 31.10% 4 36 17
Saudi Arabia 18.10% 4 71 13
Australia 9.20% 5 81 6
Norway 7.10% 4 66 4
Sweden 20.70% 3 52 15
France 40.20% 5 123 20
Germany 49.90% 3 17 23
USA 16.80% 4 68 12
Trinidad/Tobago 7.90% 5 61 5
Argentina 20.40% 6 67 14

The article fails to provide the reasons for such high cost in India. Does anybody know why?

It will be interesting to know how does Karnataka fare among other states in India? comment guidelines

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