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Namma Railu Effect - New Delhi to have trains connecting nearby towns!

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If "Rediff" news items is to be believed, New Delhi will soon have "High Speed" A/C trains connecting Delhi and nearby towns. Every aspect of this proposal is what PRAJA's Namma Railu campaign has been so far.

Source - (High Speed AC trains from Delhi to nearby Towns)

...To facilitate faster movement of commuters between the national capital and its adjoining towns, a corporation will be set up to run high-speed AC trains as part of the Regional Rapid Transit System for the National Capital Region."It will take 63 minutes to travel from Delhi to Meerut (90 km) and the travel time between Delhi and Panipat (109 km) will be 61 minutes once the RRTS project is implemented," urban development secretary Navin Kumar said after signing an MoU with four state governments involved in the project. Likewise, the distance between Delhi and Alwar in Rajasthan can be covered in 117 minutes, he said....

...The MoU signed between the Centre and four states (Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan) seeks to set up National Capital Region Transport Corporation to implement the high-speed rail project.The trains with six AC coaches will run on dedicated underground, elevated and ground level tracks. Eight corridors are being identified under RRTS to run high-speed trains connecting the capital with 16 adjoining towns in the NCR.

Out of the eight corridors, three are being selected for conducting feasibility study followed by preparation of Detailed Project Report to implement the project," Kumar said. Feasibility study will be carried out for Delhi-Ghaziabad -Meerut (196 km), Delhi-Gurgaon-Rewari-Alwar (188 km) and Delhi-Sonipat-Panipat (109 km). "The idea behind implementing the RRTS for the NCR is to connect all major towns around the National Capital Region with the high-speed trains," Kumar said.."

Seems everybody is now waking upto the need for running commuter/suburban rail services. Looking forward to the day when Bengaluru will have its own CRS.


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Will there be such an agreement between Center, Karnataka, Andhra, and Tamilnadu. comment guidelines

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