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Does Bengaluru need another Cricket Stadium?

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After our representatives vociferously vented their anger on ticket fiasco in recent India-England cricket match in Bengaluru, Karnataka chief minister Yeddyurappa had made an announcement that a new well-quipped cricket stadium would be built in the city.

"...The KSCA had indicated that a land of extent of 70 acres would be required for the stadium.  As suggested by the CM, Kumble accompanied Bangalore north assistant commissioner G C Gangadharaswamy, additional tahsildar Venkatesh, revenue inspector Balakrishna and other officials and collected data and details of the proposed land..."

"...The land bearing survey no. 79 extending to 125 acres was inspected by the team. Out of that 70 acres are likely to be earmarked for the stadium, which is proposed to have a seating capacity of 80,000..."

Courtesy - - For more read here New Cricket Stadium Likely to Come up in Yelahanka Vicinity

It seems things are moving so fast on this that land has been identified and if things goes well project would take off in few months. Thanks to the pro-activeness from GOK. Wish GOK shows such enthusiasm in building basic infrastructure for sports - smaller stadiums all accross in city as well as in the entire state.

Does Bengaluru really need another cricket stadium? How does another stadium helps the cause of Cricket in city and the state? Who would benefit from the new stadium?

Isn't this an example of how governments always have misplaced priorities? Instead of building sports infrastructure in every nook and corner of the state specially in rural and remote areas, CM is bent on building a one big stadium. Perhaps the inspiration is getting VIP treatment for all our legislatures and corporators. That too once in year or 2. CM, certainly this is a misplaced priority.

I am sure if the cost of the new project figures are out, one can easily build a reasonably good stadium in every district of the State, there by helping the budding sports person in every district. It is time GOK to spend the money on maintaining the existing stadiums in city. That will go a long way creating the right sporting environment for our children. They badly need open spaces for playing sports. Let's not restrict their sporting passions to cricket alone.


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Shifting may be a better alternative

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One more stadium is a luxury which is hardly justified. Instead, shifting the present stadium may be a worthwhile idea. The new stadium proposal looks like a populist gimmick. This is evident from the overwhelming enthusiasm shown by one and all to the Chef Ministers idea.

What is happening in the case of shifting the present race course I wonder? 

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old proposal

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This is actually old proposal maybe now pursued by Yelahanka politicians to make some real estate gains. A stadium in CBD is anyday better than one in the suburbs. Times of India made a survey

As Syed rightly said, we need good stadiums in Hubli, Mysore, Mangalore and Gulbarga. They can construct some upgradable stations if they think they are economically unviable. Currently no Karnataka guy in India world cup team because we dont have a stadium anywhere else in state. Few home IPL matches of Royal challengers Bangalore can be shifted to other cities of Karnataka.

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I certainly feel the need and

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I certainly feel the need and necessity of new stadium as the current Chinnaswamy looks below par with the other cricket stadiums across the globe.

Btw, Anil Kumble has clearly mentioned about his intentions fo having stadium built in Belgavi(Belgaum) during his address at Vihswa Kannada Sammelana. comment guidelines

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