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BTC - How Bengaluru's elite bribe their clan for social club membership?

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Bangalore Mirror's headlines were shouting with caption "Diamonds, iPad2s on the take for BTC seats". This was the news item about how the Bengaluru's elite are bribing the 'Bangalore Turf Club' community for prestigious BTC membership elections on March 28th. We might dismiss it as concerning to a private club. Valid argument, but, Wait, look at the who's who of Bengaluru who are making the desperate attempt to win the election.

"...You need to get two members to propose and second your name. Then all 350 members cast their votes and you need to get a majority of the votes. So, obviously, you leave no stone unturned,” said a BTC member whose diary is packed with cocktail and dinner invitations. One of the wannabes is a Deputy Commissioner of Police serving in Mysore who is throwing a dinner at Taj West End..."


"...Leading the aspirants’ pack is a businessman whose father, a senior government official, was recently suspended and raided. According to the grapevine, he has already gifted away six diamond solitaires and 20 Laphroaig single malt whisky bottles. Other clubs are not far behind. A prospective member of an elite club has flown in ‘hostesses’ from Thailand to work their ‘magic’ at his Ulsoor apartment...'

Read this for more.

Courtesy - Bangalore Mirror.

What an irony here? So much to squandered for just a membership seat?

Wish these elite could squandered on better causes, i.e upgrading the govt schools which are in shambles? Sprucing govt dispensaries that could benefit the most vulnerable in our city? Helping charities who are working in the field of education? A local small charity organization manages to fund about 200 students for mere 6 lakhs rupees.






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Really a great article by Manasi Paresh Kumar

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Manasi on the face book is a senior correspondent writing for the TOI group of papers the main and mirror editions of various cities. The recent article in Bangalore mirror referred above shows what an important role is being played by these dedicated journalists. 

This hard hitting excellent journalism is a silver lining in the otherwise bleak future of a corrupt nation. 

Kbs sir, it is not just squandering money on a simple club membership, but the poor are made poorer by making them gamble. Many poor families are wiped out by the very existence of these racing clubs right in the CBD area! Many government offices do have poor attendance with this menace, right in midst of their offices. 

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Some more information

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The Race course shifting matter is being contested in the Karnataka High court. Next Hearing is in March 19, 2011. The club may decide mean while to shift to the proposed venue viz Chikjala. Chikjala is on NH7 near to thr BIL Airport. The other possibility of course is to contest at the Supreme Court. We have to wait and see. By the way Manasi is a senior correspondent at Bangalore mirror only. She belongs to the city of Bangalore comment guidelines

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