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Rent for Windsor Manor Hotel - Rs 5000 / month ?

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GOK's Minorities Minister, Prof. Mumtaz Ali Khan has a reason to smile. After a long court battle to evict the Sheraton Group's Hotel 'Windsor Manor', finally the verdict has been given in favor of the Muslim Waqf Board.

Before I dwell into the case details, Here is the loot - Windsor Manor had obtained a lease of the property in which the hotel is located at present, for Rs.5000/- (Five Thousand Rupees Only) per month for 30 years. Imagine just 5000 per month is the rent for the whole property. Where as just the per day room charges ranges from Rs 93, 700/- to Rs. 19,260.00.

The loot started in early seventies when the scam master at Waqf Board leased the property to Welcome Group/Sheraton Group for 30 years at the rent fo Rs.5000 P.M. In 1981, some more scam masters extended the lease for another 60 years, without Waqf Board's approval. When the board took notice it canceled the lease and filed for occupancy.

Since then it is battle of nerves in courts. When the matter reached Supreme court, the verdict went in favor of Waqf Board, but had to wait till today for the final eviction judgment. I am not sure whether still more legal hurdles to be crossed before the board gets its property back. We all know what would be the cost of that property in today's date.

There are no dearths of such stories in usurping of Temple endowments, Church holdings and Waqf Board properties by their custodians.

Should we also ask ourselves, whether by patronizing such places aren't we encouraging the loot by proxy?

Courtesy, Deccan Herald, here is the story that appeared in today's news paper

A single judge order of the Karnataka High Court on Wednesday upheld the State Wakf Board’s decision to evict Windsor Manor Sheraton Hotel by invoking the Karnataka Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupancy) Act.

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Why GoK was supporting the same & same with Race Course also

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When Govt was loosing so much money due to loot by some people,  why GoKs many functions were  organised in the same premise. of  Windsor Manor by paying  hefty amount..

My other question arrises is what stand ITC  as Corporate  image in this case,  even after loosing the battel in suprem court, why they still  not ready to pay  market rates to GoK. or vacate the place.    

Last year we have seen Race Course case also, they were paying penny for  100 acer land to GoK  and till today, they r not ready to vacate the place.



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The loot is 10 Crores per year

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If there is a scope for loot, no body would like to look away. Private or public, everybody would washed their hands equally, may be in competition. All will say 'Yes We Can'.

The rent alone @ Rs. 50/ per Sq Feet,  Total Area of the Hotel is 1.66 Lak Sq feet, is,

Per Month = 50x166000 = 83,00,000 (83 Lakhs) Rupees

Per year = 12x83,00,000 = 9,96,00,000 (9.96 Crores) Rupees

Just for the last decade (10 Years), from 2000 to 2010, Loot would be,

=10x9.96 = 99.6 Crores Rupees

GOK/Waqf Board has been deprived of 10 Crores every year thereby a community has been deprived of these funds and the benefits it could have reaped from it.

Where is the Corporate Social Responsibility?
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