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Kodigehalli Level Crossing - Politics First, citizens later

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Strange are our public representatives and more strange are their political ways. In every act of their's is motivated first by their politics, party and their personal interests. Even thought they get elected with a promise of solving citizen's problems,mandated to work for their issues, but when time comes for action, these issues, these problems are pushed into corner and they are no more the priority or obligation to be worked on them.

One such example is reported in 'The Hindu'.

The Union Railway Minister for state, Muniyappa today paid a inspection visit to Kodigehalli level crossing. But more surprises were waiting for him.He was gheraoed by local MLA supporters. Instead of MLA and his supporter complaining about the difficulties the residents are facing in their daily life due to this Kodigehalli level crossing, they were complaining about Minister's inspection without the MLA's presence.

Indeed, Indian politicians are strange and more strange are their ways.


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Agree with you, but...

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 I agree 100% with this post, however, I do have one question.  what is a railway minister of state doing inspecting level crossings? Are we now to expect ministers to inspect level crossings state by state.  Another similar example is the CM doing inspections in Bangalore.  These guys have higher responsibilities and one would like them to focus on that aspect and evolve a process for these routine aspects. 

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Vote bank politics

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 These guys have higher responsibilities and one would like them to focus on that aspect and evolve a process for these routine aspects. 

Well said... I have been harping on this for a while now. There was even a poll sometime back on what is the job description for a corporator vs MLA vs MP. 

Our electorate is so ignorant that unless they see these people in these functions they do not believe the politicians are doing work. People like you and me in Bangalore may realize this but there is a vast majority of people who do not know the job descriptions and how to evaluate who to vote for.

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Ministers role and responsibilities

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@ IDS and SanjayV

The Hindu article says he was visiting his home close by on Saturday after Parliamnet adjourned and so he was met by local residents who asked about the crossing and difficulties

I do feel he acted swiftly and responsibly > even praja posts indicated the urgency

Anyway please do read the article url given by kbsyed 61.

More important than all this is the RESPONSIVENESS



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I do feel he acted swiftly

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I do feel he acted swiftly and responsibly

I think so too, but the point is what were the MLA and others doing that this had to go all the way to the union minister? If the MLA was able to resolve the peoples problem and sorted this matter, people wouldnt have had to go to the Minister to complain. Local MLA's need to hold regular citizens all hands meets where they can explain status of projects in their areas and also take feedback. Obviously they have retired on the job.

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This incident throws up many questions than the answers!

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@sanjayv, IDS

The reported incident throws up many questions than it answers.

  1. Accountability of jurisdictional officers for on-time completion of the projects.
  2. MLA/MPs becoming messiah for the common man - Instead of policy making prescription and enforcement treatment, indulge in band-aid cure.
  3. Accountability of public representatives on their role in on-time completion of the projects
  4. Public expenditure on laying of foundations, inaugural ceremonies by MLA / MPs
  5. Lack of public concern on public utility projects and its on-time completion.
  6. Rarely citizens questions the cost and time over runs in public utility/sector projects, which indirectly impacts the inflation of the nations economy.

This list can go on in addition to what you guys have already alluded to.

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RUB at Kodigehalli Station

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Construction of Road Under Bridge of span 2x9.0x4.50 RCC box by roll in method in lieu of LC.No.10 with temporary girder in two stages including approaches at KM.12/300-400 between Yeswanthpur and Yelahanka stations at Kodigehalli station (TWO PACKET SYSTEM).(KDGH-RUB)

Tender Value : Rs 10 Crore,  12 Months period,3

All the ROB's and RUB's,  Doubling,  Electrification,  Pit Line and stabling lines either at Bayyaanhallai or other places are they Dependent on Binny Mill Land ???

SWR has to come out of the blocked mindset on Binny Mill Land. 

SWR has more work at their hand  to bring their infrastructure  on the above issues comment guidelines

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