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Letter to Shri Praful Patel - Draft copy

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I have drafted a letter meant for Shri Praful Patel. Pls feel free to comment on the letter and also do suggest me/praja members on its delivery method.

Letter to Praful-Patel.doc 37.5 KB


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Letter to Praful Patel

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Pls review this letter and provide the feedback.


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Some Interesting Points

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1) The issue of ATC (and related staff) is important, as the Airport should NOT compromise on safety.

2) With regards to capacity / expansion etc... They are already on the anvil. I believe that we (the public) should wait for the Airport to open and function for a month or two, before jumping to conclusions on what its capacity and limitations are. Having concrete facts and evidents would make for a stronger and more relevant argument.

3) With regards to 'monoply' I am unclear as to what safeguards there are. But I guess, as with any public project done with majority private ownership - this is a concern. Maybe we need more information as to what checks and metrics are in place to ensure that public interest isn't ignored. More specifically, I'm curious to know who decides whats acceptable as UDF and whats not. What if it became Rs1000? even Rs 5,000? But I think its right that the <1% of Indians who fly should pay for the airport, rather than the Government.

Overall, atleast BIAL has factored for some increase in capacity, and still manage to complete the airport on time.

The state / local governments have failed the people by neglecting connectivity. I hope that the rail link to the Airport is taken up ASAP. comment guidelines

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