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Bengaluru Green Belt

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 Browsing through all the posts under the topic of living->environment, I was surprised to find no material around green belt or plan for urban forests etc. Discovered that the so called green topics on this site, are reflex reactions to posts on the traffic & road widening threads. Thought of digging into this concept of green belt which existed in Ramakrishna Hegde's time. I was looking on google maps for green spaces but it is pretty scattered. Almost light green soon turning concrete grey.

 My fear is now that NH7 to the airport is going to become one huge mess with all developments opening out directly to the highway. Typical ribbon development case study where the corridor to the destination is going to end up being a destination in itself. We will then be unable to make this an access controlled highway in the future and will end up Building BETL type monoliths. I will start a different thread for this.

Back to green belt, If the areas around NH 207 in the north & east was zoned as a green belt  and used as a border to Bangalore would it help stop ribbon development and help grow suburban growth cities like Tumkur, Chickballapur, Doddballapur etc?

A few questions

Is green belt an outdated concept? What is the alternative to this?

Is there any merit in planning a green belt around the new bengaluru?



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Where are the greens?

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Thought the greens would have the answers already. Have they missed the forest for the roadside trees?

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as per master plan 2015

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Will have to look up that masterplan-20205, lets list all the green belts from there. Don't know if this master plan approved, is it being used? I am told its a contested document, with many parts still in the courts.

As per the 2015 MP draft on BDA website (http://www.bdabangalore.o...), here are the five concentric belts

Five concentric belts:

  • 1st Belt - The core area consisting of the historic Petta, the Administrative Centre and the Central Business District;
  • 2nd Belt - Peri-central area with older planned residential areas surrounding the core area;
  • 3rd Belt - Recent extensions (2003) of the City flanking both sides of the Outer Ring Road, a portion of which lacks services and infrastructure facilities and is termed as a shadow area;
  • 4th Belt - New layouts with some vacant lots and agricultural lands; and
  • 5th Belt - Green belt and agricultural area in the City's outskirts including small villages.

For the belt

  • Size of Belt - 455 sqkm
  • Location - outside the peripheral ring road. see this image
  • Several types of use listed

See this pic, notice the greens on the periphery.

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masterplan 20205

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 Will have to look up that masterplan-20205, lets list all the green belts from there. Don't know if this master plan approved, is it being used? I am told its a contested document, with many parts still in the courts

I can understand why, our administrators dont think beyond their nose and 20205 looks a long shot :)

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Past, Present and Future

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@IDS: 20205 is certainly a looooooooong shot :)

And chances are, before everyone agrees to apply this fast dating master plan, greens would have become revenue sites with houses / businesses.

What has happened has happened. Need of the hour is an immediate enforcement of what has not happened yet, so at least we take the right steps from now on. For example, I'm not sure we have a decent entry/exit and traffic management plan for the monstrous Kempe Gowda Layout coming up along badly congested Mysore/Magadi Road corridor. No money in there; so we spend time worrying about the past and device akrama/sakrama. This stalemate just compounds same old worries in the future. comment guidelines

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