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Solutions for ORR stretch at NH4 west

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 BDA seeks alternatives to widen Outer Ring Road

BDA is planning to construct an underpass and a flyover at a cost of Rs 450 crore to ease traffic flow on that stretch of the ring road.

This is the stretch

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Tunnel is the best option. Until the tunnel gets built using steel bridge (pic below) they can double deck the entire stretch from BEL circle until it joins the NH4. Traffic from Hebbal towards NH4 will be on top so they will be able to land across the road . Traffic from NH4 towards BEL circle will go below. One can easily get 3 lanes above & below. An underpass or a similar steel bridge can be built if it doesnt clash with the elevated road to make the right turn at the ORR NH4 junction on the Peenya side.

These steel bridges are removable like they did in Downtown Boston after the Big Dig was commissioned. Once this stretch gets its tunnel these structures can be dismantled.


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NW Part of ORR

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"As the repeated efforts to convince Indian Air Force to part with its land near the Jalahalli railway line and the Outer Ring Road (ORR) junction for widening the ORR turned futile, the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) is planning to construct an underpass and a flyover at a cost of Rs 450 crore to ease traffic flow on that stretch of the ring road"

Judging from the aerial google picture & also knowing how barren the land stretch is within the air-force area, I think the authorities must pursue at the highest levels for land acquisition to widen ORR instead of coming up with more expensive & time-consuming alternatives.

Air-force & other defense establishments have been forced to prevail with better sense in cities like Hyderabad, Ranchi & Pune when land was required for cicvic purposes & road-widening. It's only in Bangalore that they seem to maintain status-quo & refuse to part with any land, despite justifiable needs.

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Some immediate solution need to be found for this place. As the eastern and western segments of the ORR ( with respect to  Tumkur Road-NH4 ), two signal lights had to be installed resulting in traffic congestion. Once the elevated highway opens in the next 2-3 months, this shall lead to traffic pile up in this area.  

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Update on ORR/NH4

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Was driving around this area yesterday and noticed a few things. Additional ypr bypass railway line has been added to allow for thru trains to bypass ypr station. It is seen in the picture above but I missed it earlier. The ring road now has 2 railway gates next to each other and an extremely populated stretch from BEL circle all the way to the NH4 junction. The airforce land is the only remaining green space in that area with lots of development and high rises coming up along the NH4.

Conclusion, acquiring airforce land is useless as it is only 25% of the stretch. A tunnel or elevated road is required all the way from BEL circle and crossing the NH4 and joining the offset ring road towards kanteerava studios.

If the current road was double decked with steel structures from BEL circle upto NH4, with the top road taking traffic towards NH4 with the bottom one towards BEL circle, we would have acquired no land, doubled capacity and solved problems at NH4 junction as well. 

Isnt this a no brainer?


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Finally BDA gets around to doing the unfinished business they left behind. This will be the last of the stretches they are taking up. City fathers put even step mothers to shame with their attitude towards this part of Bangalore. comment guidelines

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