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Technology as good as implementation

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Private transport

So far, nearly 38,000 smart cards have been issued to the public from all the ten Road Transport Offices (RTOs) in Bangalore .... the card did not have details like hypothecation ... available only in the RC Book ... banks do not have the reader devices to acquire the necessary details they need about ... loan application ...  could not access ... car details from my smart card. These are details easily available in the RC Book .... Transport Commissioner, Bhaskar Rao said, "We are aware of the problems  ... It will take time to even out."


This is really unfortunate. We embark on such large scale really important projects and we forget proper testing and evaluation of the system and the use of common sense before letting a system go live. I cant believe they didnt think through the repurcussions. I am sure they knew what are all the purposes of RC book and how these are used. How is going to even out? Do the traffic police have readers? 


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Lowest Bidder Criteria Should Go Off

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Government still goes with lower bidder criteria and it causes the projects to go havoc.

This project should start once the NID project becomes fully operational and driver's license should have NID. It should also be universal across India and should be headed by someone like Nandan Nilakeni's Caliber.

Lowest Bidder Criteria will result in cheap Bangalore companies where there will be no quality control, infact no code testing at all. comment guidelines

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