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Need private passenger trains in India

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When we have choice of interstate bus services, interstate and international airlines why dont we have the same choice in trains? IR can coexist with private train services and compete for passengers fair and square. There has to be a neutral regulator deciding on allocations. Choice will then become economic rather than Biharic.

Sweden to end passenger rail monopoly in 2010. The proposal is in line with a European Union-wide plan to open international passenger rail services across the bloc to competition in 2010


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End IR monopoly now

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PPP has been kickstarted by IR in Freight transportation. CCI monopoly has been broken and 14 private players now run wagons and pay a license fee to IR. Similarly by collecting a fee IR can allow private players to run commuter trains. IR can choose to restrict private players initially to commuter trains intrastate before opening up to interstate. But PPP has to come in; we cannot allow monopoly in passenger transportation anymore. There has to be a neutral regulator in place. IR cannot be the regulator if it is going to be running trains as well. If IR wants to be the regulator it has to spin off train ops to some other seperate org.

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Can't agree with you more, IDS avare'

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When government-run operations can be so easily hijacked by influential private sector lobbies, isn't the best way to counter it, privatisation of the train services itself (Railways retaining the network and infrastructure), in order to allow for market forces to come into play on a level playing field? May be a beginning could be made with the superfast expresses.

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Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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 Railway Minister Mamata

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 Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee today handed over orders for 1,250 wagons to two sick units that are now under the control of the Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) as part of their financial restructuring


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