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Praja Party - New year, Award for Namma Railu Project and anything else for celebration

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Commuter Rail


- Long time from the last meet

- Long time we celeberated together

- Long time we had discussed something concrete on Namma Railu as how to move forward

(SB was also mentioning about meeting after new year break to discuss further strategies regarding PIL for Namma Railu)



- New Year

- Christmas

- Runner Up Award for Namma Railu Project


So, what's say? Suggestions? When and where we should have party and celebration?




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Good Idea!

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Deepak V,

Yes, we should celebrate.


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I think its long time PRAJA should organise event

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Earlier in PRAJA we had  talked about  Press meet,  now this one,  but looks like we are very conservative in public domain.

We should face and ready to take bigger rolls in decision making process which will have greater impact in cities life.


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Should do one

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Deepak - a meeting will definitely be nice. Let us pland and organize one. Will call you and Sanjeev to plan this. comment guidelines

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