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NEED HELP : Regarding nuisance to residents in DOMLUR

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My husband and I are residents of Domlur 4th main. There is some drainage work going on since one month at the start of Domlur 4th main. This makes entry into 4th main really difficult. Also there is no sign board nor instructiions on which road to take to come inside. Secondly the Domlur club has a nuisance value in terms of all members parking cars in the road outside. It gets very difficult for residents in the area to come in and out of the road. 

When we complained today we were faced with about 15 office bearers threatening my husband and myself and asking us where we lived. They also said we can go ahead and call the Police and that they are not afraid. Sub inspector Dasappa came along with another constable, he asked us to write a complaint at the police Station in Indira Nagar. When we went there, we were told that this is under the Traffic department (next door) When we went there, we were told that it was under the ULSOOR traffic department jurisdiction. Frankly we are tired of running in circles and wonder if the DOMLUR CLUB actually is allowed to function and park like this in residential areas. 

While i am raising this via friends in the media, its imperative that someone higher up in the Government has a look at this.

If one was to refer the following link(in 2007)

We see that nothing has changed even in 2 years. The stray dogs have gotten even more aggressive with each passing day.

Whats worsened is the likes of DOMLUR Club which is right in the middle of a residential area, and how did they get their sanctions without proper parking etc ?

I just moved here 3 months ago and want to do something even if the local residents seem to afraid to take any stand.

Any ideas how to go about this?

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