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BBMP - Chopping off head to fit cap

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 This is the letter I have written to editors of major newspapers. Feel free to contact me using my landline, I am eager to discuss further in detail this matter with Prajas. (Note: I am not computer/internet literate, hence request you to contact me via phone, this posting being done with help of someone)

It is a fact that the Malleswaram Sampige road congestions and blockages are due to the “Mantri Mall” for which the BBMP gave approval silently without proper thought and study of the road widths and the traffic intensity, for this mistake of BBMP, why poor people must suffer? Let them answer to the public first before further widening the road. 

Why the Govt. and the BBMP authorities are bent upon to force on people such outmoded and short term solutions? It is like “first getting a cap stitched and then chop off the head to fit the cap., mindless of the resulting bleeding”. Mr. H. Ravindra (CM’s advisor to urban affairs, standing committee for major works BBMP) must realize that the road widening is not a long term plan, it will result in more and more vehicles on the roads and destroy many trees which will decrease the oxygen levels and increase the pollution levels affecting the health of people. Also it will displace many innocent residents and shop owners affecting their livelihood. The present evil plans of BBMP in the name of development is to fulfill their hidden agenda of helping the rich builders and themselves. They must abandon this evil plan and go for other long term plans like developing new areas with proper town plans, building more flyovers, underpasses and elevated roads, constructing metro-rails, mono-rails and circular railway to cater for all parts to city. .


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