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BBMP Elected Corporator's Roles and Responsibilities

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BBMP Elected Corporators celebrating their victories big way. Corporator in our area opened a new office and celebrated his birthday and new office inauguration on same day. With big posters around, loud music and huge tent, blocking the traffic on a road for one full day. No one complained. including me.. why? There is a fear that something may wrong with me/family if I complain... and nothing will happen to them.

Wonder what gives them this power.

While talking to my maid about the corporator, she said, Ma - they spend so much money on all this even part of it, if given to all those homeless people sitting near bus stop will save their life.. but who cares? It hurts and pains a lot inside... why are we "ordinary" and educated people just ignore this "Tamasha" happening around us? Can nothing be done? Isn't it time to wake up and check this out? Aren't Corporators responsible for helping the community instead of creating inconvenience to it? Where does this money come from? Who gave them rights to use Tax payer's money and "aam janata's" road? When this will stop? Will it ever?


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Political hoardings on the rise?

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On airport road, mahadevapura main road for sure, and in marathahalli area, political party hoardings are definitely on the rise.

Just recetly, while I was waiting at a signal, one such hoarding fell off on the road almost hitting a scooter as it fell. I was thinking who would be liable if such illegal hoarding comes down and hurts or kills someone on the road?

  • Will it be BBMP, because it didn't ensure that hoardings are fastened to the electricity poles safely?
  • Or, BBMP again for not checking on these illegal hoardings?
  • Or the political party (this was a BJP hoarding) who put the hoarding up?
  • Or the City Police who is not interesting in controlling the illegal hoardings?

BBMP or Police will say - we have lot of bigger things to do, and how can one possible remove all suc horadings every day.

But why not make an example of one such offender? For hoardings, or loudspeakers, or illegal cables laid up for "political functions". Just once, one solid example, and such illegal ways of advertizing and celebrating will be controlled.

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 The hoardings are all over

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 The hoardings are all over the road on the Bellary road stretch between Minsk square and Hebbal flyover. Splinters flying as buses run over it unwittingly. 2 wheelers swerving to avoid it almost came under a car. Garunteed someone is going to get hurt. BBMP sleeping?


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 “----Welcoming the newly-elected corporaters to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the Commissioner Bharatlal Meena has set the ball rolling by issuing a circular to hold the defunct “Janaspandana” programme in a renewed form….”

 As per the new circular issued earlier this month,  Janaspandana is scheduled between 9 am and 11 am, compulsorily in all the 198 wards on 1st and 3rd Saturdays. It is the collective responsibility of the residents, the BBMP engineers and the corporaters to see that these meetings do happen regularly. In Jeevan Bima Nagar [Ward # 88] these meetings have just now started. Mr. KV Pathy is an active participant of these ward 198 meetings

 Our Corporater is running around to get some bore wells dug up in our New Tippasandra [ward no 54] 

Papers like TOI are also keeping track of corporater’s work. comment guidelines

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