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KSHIP going social?

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We know Manivannan has taken over KSHIP. Here is the Facebook page.  I read the news of transfer of Manivannan on 6-Jul-2013 and facebook page created on 9-Jul-2013. Swift !

And I see first interaction as given below on July 25th. 



Dear Kinni: Please ask PD KSHIP to issue a circular asking all the staff and officers to post in this page. All circulars and meeting proceedings shall be posted here immediately. Also, all the SEs shall post details of the projects, stake holder details etc too!:) I would want this page to be updated on daily basis. Please give admn powers to all the SEs and HoDs immediately.

Once I am back from Bhopal on August 5th, we will work on a 'social networking policy'. You can crowd source! 

We need to partner with the public closely, as we are after-all working for the public!:)


Pretty straight forward post.

And reaction from staff, that was swift too !



The KSHIP website seems updated in 2010



And complaint page still under construnction.


Let us see how it goes. :)


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Manivannan in the Facebook

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I have forwarded Mr. Manivannan's first letter to Mr. Kinni to the MD/CMTO/PRO of BMTC requesting them to start a similat Facebook page.


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Its high time, BMTC wakes-up.

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Its high time, BMTC wakes-up. Already a citizen group is gathering. Anyway, not going to drag this here, as this is unrelated to current thread :)

Bangalore Mirror article says:

Citizens who travel by BMTC buses have come together to fight the transport agency's “lack of responsibility towards commuters.” What started as a protest against frequent price hikes will now cover other problems, including lack of toilets, drinking water and sexual harassment.

The first-of-its-kind Bangalore Bus Prayaanikara Vedike (BBPV), which means Bangalore Bus Commuters’ Forum, with the slogan, ‘People, Not Profits’, will launch 'public action' against the BMTC's “people-unfriendly attitude”, along with dozens of other organisations.






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It would be great if you can

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It would be great if you can post their response(if you get any)!

- wgwwd : (w)e (g)et  (w)hat  (w)e (d) look at yourself first

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work carved out!

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The madikeri-mangalore road damage is all over news these days..unfortunately KSHIP will have nothing to do with it or anywhere else..because the maintenance is withe PWD and KSHIP will only develop roads as projects and handover!

So the best thing probably Mr Manivanan can do is :

1. get a list of projects currently on by KSHIP

2. solicit any suggestions on how better these projects can be done

3.monitor the projects online to closure comment guidelines

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