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Akrama Sakrama

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Akrama sakrama scheme introduced by BBMP intellectuals seems to be well thought, to make people of bangalore more miserable than they currently are. On one side everyone is reeling under uncontrolled, mismanaged and mangled traffic control system, on the other hand like a flip side of the coin comes uncontrolled vehicular pollution, making it more chaotic environmentally and very dangerous for citizens health.

On one side BBMP says that Akrama scheme will make your buildings safe, my question to all those **** intellectuals are

1. Will Akrama scheme solve the problem of parking for commercial buildings. I have seen more than Dozen of kalyana mantaps and other commercial complexes which even donot have parking space for a single CAR. I do not know who was the intellectual BBMP official behind sanctioning such a plan??? Will it solve.... currently they all park on the roads blocking and choking traffic.

2. By regularizing is it guaranteed that there will not be any such future violations in and around the BBMP limits in future? WILL BBMP officials going to build a monitoring system which monitors on a day to day basis any illegal construction before it happens.

3. Is there any guaranteed plan which assures people of the so called urban rural areas of bangalore that they would get all the basic ammenities like roads, kaveri water with in a year. I know of places which even do not have roads for more than 5 years. (Check bommanahalli roads, even if it is near hosur road it sucks).

4. Why is BDA so slow in developig sites and selling it ..... the development done by BDA Is slow compared to the need of the bangalore city ......

I am not sure for how many long years that these thoughtless poeple, who come to office for couple of hours take such decisions and impose it on people. I am not sure for long that bangalore has to deal with such people, can't they learn from other cities like Mumbai and Delhi? should the mistakes be repeated again and again and for HOW LONG SHOULD PEOPLE BE PENALIZED for their mistakes? comment guidelines

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