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Daily scene at the interjunction of Coles Park on St Johns Road in Bangalore

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I just fail to understand Why we Bangaloreans, the residents of Silicon City of India behave in such a chaotic manner, does the person coming from other side of the road, not have a right to smooth passage. Is it that all the hurry is only for us?

This is an everyday scene at the intersection of coles park and St Johns Road. The vehicles coming from Bharatinagar police station road swarm the other side of the track and don't give way for the vehicle coming from towards Nandidurg Road. As you may see in the 1.22 minute long video, it is not just two wheelers, cars, trucks and even buses occupy the entire road. 

This road requires a divider to regulate traffic and the reason that this road is small for a divider is not correct. Traffic discipline has to be enforced when it is not followed and a road divider is the most inexpensive way to do it.


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This is one of the worst

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This is one of the worst roads in Bangalore & I hate driving on this road. I cant for the life of me understand why they cant put a divider on this road! I have had the most number of arguments with people on this road.

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Is divider the only option?

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How about making a pair of parallel one way roads, with opposing traffic directions, separated apart, by a reasonable small distance? one should be able to trace a suitable option by trial and error using google maps.

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Mr. Sood says: Divider can be built on roads with some min width

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I remember, Mr. Sood has once commented on the BTP facebook page, Divider/median can only be placed on the roads with some minimum prescibed width.

But, in reality, if you see, many narrow roads have divider/median, but many doesn't, and we can witness many such scenarios on many signals. Because the so-called educated people of Banglaore doesn't respect other's lane, not even the lane reserved for opposite direction traffic.

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