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At red lights, there are NO FREE left turns


Video 4: At red lights, there are NO FREE left turns Fourth in the series of driver education, this video emphasizes the fact that at red lights there is no FREE Left turn. This short video hopefully will educate and eradicate such mis-conceptions from the minds of the Indian driver's. This is vital as the idea of a free left turn puts pedestrian lives at risk.

At Signals Stop behind Stop Lines


At Signals Stop behind Stop Lines The world wide web has many video's on driving in India. Most show how driver's fail to follow the basic rule of stopping behind the stop line at signals. Following this rule is vital for pedestrian safety. This video, a third in the series providing driver education, hopefully will provide the required role-modelling as well as the evidence of benefits of following this rule.

Mirrors, Signal and Manoeuvre

The second video introduces the principle of: Mirrors, Signal and Manoeuvre. The concept is explained within the context of driver actions such as- Moving Off, Pulling Over, Reversing Round the Corner and turning Left or Right.

Blind spots and Mirrors Singal Manoeuvre

The first video creates awareness about Blindspots. This awareness is vital during changing lanes and overtaking. अंधेस्थान का ख़याल रखे

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