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Association of Bengaluru Commuters

" this blog was posted here by me, more than three years ago and had positive response but, no action was taken in this regard.   it is much more relevent now and it is high time we take action on this and make it successful.

Bengaluru Commuter Co-operative

Dear Friends,

Autos - help them to help ourselves

Public Transport

Couple of months ago I read in paper about the government subsidy for auto rickshaws to change from 2 stroke to 4 stroke engine.  I felt that it was wonderful and very pro-active approach to reducing the pollution.   2 stroke engines pollute 4 times more than cars (because of the pre-mix of oil

Last mile connectivity – panacea for most PT problems

BusPublic Transport

The results of the recently concluded praja survey to find why people don’t use PT, shows that the last mile connectivity is the issue for only 10% of the people. I was surprised and so did so many praja members commenting on the survey results.  Well, once I analyzed the comments, I realized that it is not 10% but, it is actually more than 60% and people di

Preaching to the choir – converting people to use public transport

BusPublic Transport

Back in 1990’s driving was a pleasure on American Roads.   Many evenings were spent going on a long drive enjoying the pleasure of driving the car on smooth and light traffic highways.  People used to drive 50 miles every night just to put a child to sleep.  Gas was cheap, traf

BMTC - It is all in the numbers

BusPublic Transport

One of the easiest scheduling problems to solve is when time and route are known.  If the time and at least one (pickup or destination) is fixed, then it is even easier to schedule.  If a pickup and drop schedule for 100 people going to an office has to be designed, simply get the pickup points and put it on a m

Last Mile Connectivity for bus day

BusPublic Transport

I have not seen the voting results but I am sure last mile connectivity will be one of the biggest bottlenecks for people to use public transport.  Well the obvious choice would be auto rickshaw. 

I came, I saw, I am Flabbergasted

TrafficTraffic jams

Came to Bangaluru after living in US for several years and I was shocked to see that the Bangaluru traffic has gone from bad to worse. In a way, I am happy! Ok, Ok let me explain. You see, with my MS engineering degree from US and working in US in various industries for several years, I have knowledge and experience to find simple solutions to the transportation problems. Bu

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