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BIAL and RGIA, a comparison

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Two new airports that opened in quick succession, the comparison was inevitable! I thought it was a good idea to set the records straight by doing a comparison between the two and while I am at it, compile some useful information too. I am glad to share it on Praja and look forward for your comments.

[Originally posted on Anent's personal blog]

Airport Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL) Rajiv Gandhi International Aiport (GMR)
Location Devenahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka, India Shamshabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Contact Call: +91 80 2354 0000 Call: 1800 419 2008 (in India)
009140-44327300 (from outside India)
Status 6th day (Opened on 24 May 2006).
(Note: Planned for 30 March 2008.)
66th day (Opened on 23 March 2006)
Runway Direction: 09/27,
Length: 13,517ft OR 4,120m,
Surface: Asphalt
Elevation: N/A,
It can accommodate A380.
CAT I (Airport Ground Lighting)
: 09/27,
Length: 13,976 ft OR 4,260m,
Surface: Asphalt.
Elevation: 2024 ft / 617 m
smallest aircraft to Code-F aircraft (A380)
Infrastructure International Standard Airport with Good infrastructure.
Built on 4050 acres of land.
International Airport with Excellent infrastructure.
Built on 5400 acres of land.
Aero Bridges 8 Aero bridges 12 Aero bridges
Parking Bay Good number of Parking Bays are available but not usable in reality. Good for small aircraft, Tuff for bigger ones. A380 - really tuff :( Parking Bays are designed very well thinking beyond.
42 Aircraft bays are available.
Check-in Good. Total: 53 Good. >130
Kiosk Check-in Good. Total: 18 self-check-in counters Good.
Baggage Claim One 'X-Ray scan center' is available for
international baggage to be scanned after aircraft arrival. Passengers after quick immigration process, spend most of their time at airport here :(
Multiple X-Ray scanning for International baggage claim have put in and make life easier.
Security Check Good Good
Waiting area Good Good
Gates ~20 Gates ~40 Gates
Lounge/Food As time goes, things will improve. It's decent Decent!
Parking 2000 Cars parking facility available.
Free Parking Facility:
BIA offers first 10 minutes free complimentary parking facility for the convenience of the passengers, meters and greeters.
The parking charges at Bengaluru International Airport are:
Rs 40 for the first 2 hrs or part thereof, Rs 20 per subsequent hour or part thereof. Rs. 300 for over-night parking for the first 24 hours and Rs. 200 for every additional day.
Parking Map:
Complimentary Parking Facility:
RGIA offers first
15 minutes free complimentary parking facility for the convenience of the passengers, meters and greeters
The parking charges at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport are:
Economy Car Parking – Rs 70 for the first 2 hrs or part thereof, Rs 35 per subsequent hour or part thereof and a maximum of Rs 350 per 24hours for long-term parking.
Premium Car Parking – Rs 120 for the first 2 hrs or part thereof, Rs 60 per subsequent hour or part thereof and a maximum of Rs 600 per 24hours for long-term parking.
Motorcycles/ 2- Wheelers – Rs 15 for the first 2 hrs or part thereof, Rs 10 per subsequent hour or part thereof and a maximum of Rs 100 per 24hours for long-term parking.
Bus & Coaches – Rs 200 for the first 2 hrs or part thereof and Rs 100 per subsequent hour or part thereof.
Arrival &
Arrival & Departure on the same floor (ground floor).Traffic clogging still an issue as seen in HAL Airport. Great!: Departure (ground floor),
Arrival on separate flyover (1st Floor)
Road Bellary road highway to connect to city. ~40-50 kms to reach city. Messy during peak hours. 40km stretch to reach city (takes approx 30minutes)
Road routes: NH7 / Srisailam Highway / Outer Ring Road /
Inner Ring Road with elevated express way (under construction).
Future plans: MMTS/MRTS
Car Rental Pre-Paid Taxi Rentals: Hertz & Akbar Travels.
CEL CABS: +91 80 6060 9090.
AirLift Online: (Innova A/C Cab). SMS AIRLIFT 54545 or Call 9845047788
AVIS: 040 – 6660 3712/ 13 or + 91 97045 00682/6747
Budget: 040 – 6660 3701 or +91 97032 20099/ 98
Hertz: 040 – 6660 3710 or +91 99639 98833
BUS/Airport Shuttle
Non Stop Service - P2P)
Vayu Vajra (BMTC) A/C Buses - Airport Shuttle Service (to 7 destinations on 9 routes) - frequency of 1 hour
at a cost of
Rs. 80-220.
Suvarna (Non-AC) Buses: during peak hours (morning and evening) at a cost of Rs. 20-90.
Control Room: 080-2295 2522 / 2295 2422
Kempegowda Bus Stand: 080-2295 2311 / 2295 2314
Shivajinagar Bus Stand: 080-2295 2321 / 2295 2324
Aero Express: To Begumpet, Secunderabad, Charminar,
Mehdipatnam, HITECH City (
Fare: Rs. 100.)
Taxi Radio Taxi: (Post-Paid Taxi)
: Rs 15 per km, Minimum Rs 30 which include the first 2 Km traveled. Waiting charges @ Rs 1 per minute. 25% night surcharge is applicable between 2300hrs to 0500hrs.
Easy Cabs : +91 80 4343 4343
Meru Cabs: +91 80 4422 4422
Radio Taxi:
: Rs 15 per km, Minimum Rs 30 which include the first 2 Km traveled. Waiting charges @ Rs 1 per minute. 25% night surcharge is applicable between 2300hrs to 0500hrs.
Easy Cabs : +91 40 43434343
Meru Cabs: +91 40 44224422
Dot Cabs: N/A
User Fee Yes (Passenger has to pay) No
Time to
reach airport
Peak hours: ~2 hrs to airport,
Non-peak hours: ~1.5 hrs to airport
Peak hours: ~45min to 1 hr to reach airport.
Non-peak hours: ~30-45min to reach airport.

Current Issues
(as on 29 May 2008)
Air Traffic Control (ATC) not functioning properly in the initial days, causes delay in landing and parking. ATC was down at times in the initial days but it is okay after 5th day (29 May 2008). ATC working perfectly!

Ground Control - very bad and there is no sync between ATC and Ground control team. Aircraft has to wait for longer time to get parked in one of the parking bay. Good sync between ATC & Ground staff

Aerobridge: distance between two aero bridge doesn't fit
for parking two bigger aircrafts side by side,
1 & 3 aero bridge will be occupied, 2 will be unused.

Website - not user friendly… :( Airport Website is useful.

Useful links Bangalore / Bengaluru Hyderabad / Shamshabad
Wikipedia Bangalore International Airport Hyderabad International Airport
Transport Map City Transport Map (Bangalore) Hyderabad Route Map
Parking Map Parking Map at Airport N/A
Bus BMTC Bus Chart Aero Express

Yahoo Maps
Traffic (Live)
Gallery - Pictures Photo Gallery Photo Gallery

Easy Guide (Airport)


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I know this is insignificant in a global economy, but cannot hold my self from commenting.

RGIA, Hyderabad is a product of an indian company GMR and our BIAL is a product of a consortium of foriegn dominated companies !

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BIAL is a disgrace

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I have used the BIAL airport twice and I am thoroughly disappointed. With the project cost of both BIAL and RGIA airports being the same, it is truly admirable that GMR got more bang for buck than BIAL. Given the Spartan structure that BIAL has conceived for Bangalore, one can't help but suspect that BIAL's only intention here is to extract maximum return with no regard whatsoever to the needs and future aspirations of the city. Unless someone, either the state government or the civil aviation ministry cracks the whip for this fiasco, it is inevitable that we'll have to endure an airport that is not only far from being fit for purpose for now but a liability for the future. Can fresh tenders be called for the phase-2 or are we doomed to live with the lego structures BIAL has in mind for us? It would be nice if we can get GMR or some Indian company to execute the next phase.
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Your forgeting one big difference: BIAL handles 12 Million+ Pax per annum RGIA handles 7 Million Pax per annum Now thats the reason for all the functional differences
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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I think when it comes to structural and aesthetic part of the construction apart from the volume (in terms of number of gates, check in counters and parking bays) HIA scores above BIA - I agree BIAL did not deliver what Bangalore deserves in the first phase but I am more curious to see what do they have for the second phase its time for them to get it right this time - with 12+ million Pax PA today BIA will soon be running out of the game if they dont get their act right and also realize - whats reality - they have always downplayed speculation and are not planning for the future...

I had always thought BIA had expansion plans and the master plan had 4 Parallel runways but even with 2 runways we are not close to getting near to the anticipated growth. - There is time - revisit the design part, redesign and execute it.

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BIA/RGIA comparison

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Given the obvious structural and aesthetic differences, I'd really like to see the following stats for both these airports:

1. Average delay in arrival and departure of flights

2. Departure: typically, time taken between these stages: parking-entry-check in completion-departure gate

3. Arrival: time taken between: landing - enter the gate - first (and last!) bag on the baggage claim belt - exit out of the airport building - parking

These figures would prove/disprove higher efficiency claims.


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