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Commuter Rail to KIAL

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Commuter Rail


The government seems to be mulling the option of running commuter rail to KIAL. It would make complete sense to run suburban trains to KIAL because of the low costs involved. The government needs to ensure that trains are run to the airport after the construction of a railway station at the Trumpet Interchange. A few trains with AC coaches could also help. The average Bangalorean seems to have a negative image of CRS. Therefore well maintained trains could definitely help in terms of an image makeover and make it popular. The airport needs to be linked through the two different routes i.e. via Yeshwanthpur and Byappanhalli so that people make use of CRS and the trains do not run empty.

Efforts also need to be made to run local trains originating from Yelahanka and ending at Doddaballapur and Kolar.The current train running from SBC to Kolar takes a minimum of 4 hours to travel. Trains could be run from Yelahanka to Kolar via the newly revived Kolar to Chikkaballapur rail line. The towns of Kolar, Chikkaballapur and Doddaballapur have quite a few industrial estates and workers and staff living in North Bangalore and working in these estates could benefit immensely if Yelahanka is used as a starting point for suburban trains. Yelahanka could be connected to YPR, SBC and Byappanhalli through EMUs to ensure speedy transportation to Yelahanka station. The Yeshwanthpur to Yelahanka section is currently seeing track doubling. Railways are keen to develop Yelahanka as a major hub for outstation travel. It is imperative that CRS is implemented on this route if SWR wants to run outstation trains originating from Yelahanka. This is in light of the fact that Yelahanka is located at the northern end of the city and not near the city centre.


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The train which runs from SBC

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The train which runs from SBC to Kolar via Chikkballapur leaves Bangalore at 8:40 in the morning an reaches Kolar only around One. 

One really does not know whether anybody would actually use this option to reach Kolar when you have other options. If the trains are started from Yelahanka it may save a maximum time of 30 to 45 mins.

This train seems to be a much better and faster option to reach Kolar. 




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With further rise in Toll and Petrol charges, Commuter Rail ...

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Mainly this train is used by Chikballapur - Kolar and Bangalore - Chikballapur in the morning.

In the evening,  its Chikballapur - Bangalore people use this train.

We need full fledge services of Commuter Rail / Suburban Rail with SPV and proper funds relase for improving infrastructure. Then only we will have good connectivity to KIA,  Bangalore University, GKVK, Whitefield ITPL, Tumkur, Bidadi


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Passenger Train originating station changed to Cantonment

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Yesvantpur - Vijayawada train terminal shifting from 15th Aug will badly hit daily commuetrs

More then 2000 people are using at Yesvanthpur, Lottegolhalli and Kodigehalli.  SWR is not sensitive to people already using this train.



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In each direction people are suffering

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1. Tumkur shuttle train services,  never maintain arrival time at Bangalore at 9:30am.
2. Nelamangala people if they want to use train,  they should plan for travel during afternoon only as if this is Joy train.
3. Dodajala does not have any  trains in the morning to reach Bangalore and even BMTC is not providing services
4. Now this lone passenger train Yesvantpur - Vijayawada,  originating station getting shifted to Cantonment
5. Kolar people can reach only to Cantonment station,  they r denied of direct train to Bangalore city and beyond towards Mysore.
6. Bangarpet, Hosur, Chokballapur people should not travel by Train on Sundays to Bangalore or from Bangalore, wish of SWR.
7. Bangalore University students and staff have to be content with BMTC services even though they have station at their backyard.
8. Last thing,  Toll payment to enter Bangalore city from these Towns.
Looking at these,  Railway minister should be take bold decision to approve and start the Bangalore Commuter Rail / Suburban rail service
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Have these things been

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Have these things been brought to the notice of the honourable Railway Minister?

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CRS to KIAL should be

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CRS to KIAL should be supplemented by a Monorail from Trumpet Flyover Railway Station to the terminal.



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Telangana CM is more proactive

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Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Friday wanted South Central Railway to speed up works on the MMTS (Multi-Modal Transit System) Phase II, to serve peripheral areas including the international airport at Shamshabad, and also increase services.

There is a complete difference in the attitudes of KCR and our CMs. He is keen on developing his state unlike our CMs who are indolent, indifferent, ignorant and casteist.


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Thanks Amith for bringing this

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The new CM of Telangana has energy and interest to take the state forward unlike Karnataka.

Also people here wants to suffer and keep watching.  Its poor state of affairs interms of elected reps and people in getting the Commuter Rail / Suburban Rail in  Bangalore added to the indifferent attitude of SWR Bangalore officials.

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The last time there was some

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The last time there was some work from CM's office on the CRS front was when Mr. Krishna spoke to Nitish Kumar. 

Unfortunately, since Nitish was from Bihar he did not show any interest.

None of the ministers in the current government have good relations with anybody from State BJP. This is unlike Ananth Kumar and SM Krishna who have always shared a good professional relationship. 

DVS' efforts with Dinesh Trivedi never paid off as well.



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I hope DVS follows up on this letter he had written back in 2012.

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Plans start afresh for railway link to Bangalore airport

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Travellers to the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) may be spoilt for choice to reach the airport if the government’s plans materialise. 

Travellers to the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) may be spoilt for choice to reach the airport if the government’s plans materialise. 

The South Western Railway (SWR), along with the State government, will conduct a feasibility study on a railway link to the KIA on the existing Chikkaballapur line. Although the idea is still in the initial stage, it appears feasible as there is not much rail traffic on the Bangalore City-Devanahalli-Chikkaballapur line, except for a few trains.

These include Yeshwantpur-Yelahanka-Devanahalli, Bangalore City-Yeshwantpur-Yelahanka, Devanahalli-Chikkaballapur, and Bangalore City-Yelahanka-Devanahalli-Chikkaballapur-Shidlaghatta-Chintamani-Kolar. 

But even if the new plan is put into force, passengers heading towards KIA will still have to get down at the trumpet interchange station and catch a shuttle bus to reach the airport. 

Right now, there is no railway station near the trumpet, leaving the airport-bound passengers with only one option—getting down at the Devanahalli station, about eight kilometres away from KIA. 

According to railway officials, the feasibility study would look into whether the existing line could be used and the frequency of trains could be increased depending on the demand. At present, those travelling to KIA take the BMTC’s Volvo buses or cabs or their own vehicles. The Bangalore Metro Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) aims to provide connectivity to the airport in Phase II of Namma Metro. 

Proposal gathering dust

A senior railway official said that since the proposal on a high-speed rail network for Bangalore had been gathering dust in government files, the idea to provide connectivity to the KIA could also bring hope to commuters from the City who headed for destinations beyond the airport. If the services are extended, it will benefit thousands of people who commute to Bangalore from far-off places for work. 

Daily commuters from Kolar and Chikkaballapur do not depend on the trains due to their low frequency on this route. Even the existing train, in the morning hours, is often delayed by hours to make way for long-distance trains. Hence, the daily commuters prefer to catch buses to come to the City for work. But if the railways increases the frequency and builds a station at the trumpet, many commuters could switch over.

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Ella Olu! No action from

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Ella Olu! No action from authorities concerned. Gentem of skyscrapercity fame from a patrician background must be happy. :) comment guidelines

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