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BBMP and advisers - Sankey Tank Road Widening

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<This is a post from an anonymous user who has chosen not to reveal his/her identity>

Objections to the Draft Animal Welfare Act 2011

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Someone mailed in a detailed objections the draft Animal Welfare Act. The draft itself is available here (careful, big PDF) on the MoEF website, and apparently the ministry is taking in suggestions online via this email id - animalwelfareact2011 [at]

Here it goes, in full:

Bandh or 'State sponsored terrorism'?


We headed out for restaurant lunch, where we saw that some young people were forcing darshini to close shutters. Owner told, wait 15 minutes sir, 'these people' will go. Who were "these people"? Who is paying for the M&M gaadi they are using? Who is paying for diesel? Are 'these people' doing all this for free. Is it not the ruling party? Ruling party provides rule.

Kumaraswamy Layout - going to dogs?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Some real angry words from a whistelblowing resident of Kumaraswamy Layout:

Adyar Ananda Bhavan, BTM layout - giving one example

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

You people are discussing bye-laws and corruption. Now I will give you an example of how one mid-size business plays on these two subjects and we people do not see anything. I can see, but can not do anything about it.

Basavangudi Mela - Hell for Residents

Recently, Residents from Police Station Road, Basavangudi sent in this message to complain about "unnecessary blocking of public roads" and noise pollution.

Hello to all from anonymous coward

Praja related

Hello to everyone from anonymous coward, (short: acoward) at Praja. I am new here and like all this talking walking you people do. Listen, write to me at acoward [at] if you have stories that you are afriad to tell everyone.

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