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The Metro may not be best answer to our urban traffic woes

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Mobility, not metro, by Himanshu Burt, Business Standard, Oct 2:

The Metro may not be best answer to our urban traffic woes

Real Facts about GIM



Demand People Friendly & Environment Friendly Development

The Chief Minister of Karnataka has announced that the 2 day Global Investors Meet in Bangalore will bring 3 lakh crores of investment as well as around 3 lakh new jobs. The promise of 3 lakh jobs to be created by the GIM and the prosperity it will bring to Karnataka does not appear to be true. Read below to find out the real costs and real facts of the GIM.

False Promise of Investment and Job Creation

Should'nt city editors have critical eye ?

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Here is what the editor of a city news paper says about metro and mono etc -

Another piece of good news. Apart from Metro rail, work on which has picked up speed, Bangalore will soon have a mono rail, acting as feeder service to the Metro, and a high speed rail to link the city to international airport. A global city like Bangalore needs such rapid transport systems. Its narrow roads can’t handle the increasing vehicular traffic. The number of twowheelers and autorickshaws will come down drastically once the Metro rail starts functioning. Many may stop using personal cars. You can reach your destination in no time, that too in the cozy comforts of air-conditioned coaches. No dust, no noise, no sweat. Mono rail will help you reach Metro stations in similar comfort. And you can say goodbye to parking problems.

I have pasted the link to the article in the epaper at the end of the mail. Read the times of india bangalore city edition - may 2, pg 5.

Axe trees, says forest department


Axe trees, says forest department, by Imran Khan.

BANGALORE: In what could lead to wide-spread and indiscriminate felling of trees, the state forest department has recommended an amendment to the Karnataka Trees Preservation Act of 1976.The civic authorities in Bangalore especially have been crying hoarse for not being able to cut trees for “developmental” activities because of the Act. According to the recommended amendment, one need not seek permission from the forest department before axing trees.The Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act, 1976, mandates that no person shall fell any tree or cause any tree to be felled in any land, whether it was in his ownership or otherwise, unless a permission was granted by the tree officer.The proposed amendment, which grants permission of felling of 42 species of trees in the state, has been pending with the state government for ....

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