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Blasts in bangalore - city in turmoil

Just heard that there are 5-7 blasts in bangalore. Folks, take care. Stay put wherever you are and wait for police clearance to leave your offices or wherever you are.

[Update: 3:30 pm It started with reports and SMS'es of low intensity blasts on Mysore road and Madivala in 1:30 pm - 2 pm timeframe. They say its 5 - 7 blasts around the city so far, mostly in South Bangalore areas. Some information on rediff on this. There is some unclarity around exact number (5-7) and specific areas of blast beyond Nayanadahalli, Madivala, Langford which have been confirmed by many. Keep watching TV and media sites.]

{blr_editor} Please post any useful information here in comments if you have any. We hope peace prevails.

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Traffic map to get an idea of jams

BTIS's live traffic map to give you an idea of traffic jams.
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do not panic...not too serious

There has been a confirmed death of a lady reported from a madivala bus stop..but otherwise its just few injuries for few individuals..

minor intensity blasts triggered by improvised urea bombs..some blasts have been harmless..though they have harmed the peace of blr..

Once again nothing to panic..we need to maintain calm..

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tv9 most clear

TV9 is telling 7 blasts at 6 locations. 2 at Adugodi, 1.40p and 1.42 pm. First blast at 1.20pm at Madivala checkpost, last one (7th) at 2.35pm.
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sick to see the blame game

Its time we acknowledge that law and order, a critical part of infrastructure, needs urgent attention. Where is Sorabjee Comittee report? What happeed to the Supreme Court recommendation?

This does seem to be a "look what I can do" incident more than an attempt to take lots of lives. But what is most sick to see is the moment law and order issue is brought up, it turns into a political blame game, with Congress BJP trading blows. That is just sick. Its time to get serious and apolitical about it.

Its the general problem of enforcement. Its all around us, and all these combine to create law and order problems - no id/verification system, no solid vehicle database to driver id linkage, no real database of addresses and residents, no real way of tracking black money. This shows up in various ways - small things like driver behavior on the road, corruption, voter id fraud, to things like smuggling gelatin sticks out from rick mines, renting house without id and more that lead to these incidents.

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hope all ok

hope all are ok.
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BE STRONG BANGALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Devesh R. Agarwal

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Bangalore Aviation
Enjoy life, destroy FUD
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Keep it up BENGALURU !

 My heart goes out to those perished and those who got injured in the blasts that took place yesterday. My condolences to those 2 families and I share their grief in losing the loved one. My best wishes for the injured in thier speedy recovery.

It seems life is returning to normal and Bengaluru is back to its business. That's a very helathy sign and credit should go to all Bengalurians for their resolve in not getting carried away with these unfortunate incidents. Hat's off Bengaluru.

 If we remember there was an incident recently in J. C Nagar and Hebbal Mosques. Some miscreants had thrown "PIG" Carcasses inside the mosque. I spoke to many of my family members and friends about this incident. Credit must go to J C Nagar local area residents for standing shoulder to shoudler to see that no untoward incidents happen.  Deccan Herald carried this news item which matched iwth some of eye witness version I lerant from my friends.

The little disturbance that was caused leading to the shops downing the shutters and stone throwing incidences, I wa stold that it was due to the outsiders and they did everything to create  trouble in the area but locals specially youth both muslims and Hindus toghether ensured that nothing happens to their locality. Within hours shops opened their shutters and things back to normal. My family lives in J C Nagar area and all my life I lived in J C Nagar area before I moved to US. I have lived in the area to know very well how this could have turned into a worst riot/violence if it was not checked. I have witness the communal violence in J C Nagar area in 1971/72. I must thank all the youth and J C Nagar residents who came forward in thwarting the nefarious designs of miscreants and their bosses.

 Hats off to you Bengaluru................. 


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Devesh, Love that poster! Brilliant! Would love to stick it on the back of my car! would that be ok?
Narayan Gopalan
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Warning Signs!

It looks as though these bombs are an indication of what is a possible method of inficlicting fear into people. I am not sure if the intention was to have a lot of bloodshed, but to me it seems as though the aim was to plant the seed of fear (which was dormant) into a Bangaloreans head! Its actually quite a lethal seed as it wrecks thw pride, momentum and quiality of bangalore's life. As devesh said - BE STRONG -dont let the seed grow!
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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