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Driving on Platform / Footpath

In cities like Bangalore, two wheelers choose Platform / Footpath as an alternate driveway during rush hours. This could be highly dangerous to Pedestrians walking on the platform. Rather than Traffic Police caught these folks - people (two wheelers) should think before they get on to a platform as a travel route!

Find the picture taken at BTM 2nd stage, 29 Main Road towards BTM-Outer Ring Road

Driving on Platform / Footpath

  • Pedestrians should warn them and inform the traffic police.
  • Working professionals do this mistake often, which is shame to the working community.
*** Start early to work and avoid driving on platforms ***


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I am fulllly in agreement

I am fulllly in agreement with you

but how to drive sense inti these two wheelers; only option is to ensure that all roads are at least six lanes; forsuch of thoss roads which are not six lanes, railings on road sides have to be provided all along the roads

Srinath Heragu

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Alternate routes

Hello ssheragu:

True, Six-lanes is a permanent solution - is this practical in Bangalore? There are many authorities (In Bangalore/KA: BDA, BBMP, BMRDA, CMC and so on) involved in City/Town planning and each has different set of norms. If they follow a standard norm on city layout, roads, streets (keep future growth under consideration). Cities in developed countries are good examples to look out. Not necessarily required to look outside India, there are good city planning happening within India. Authorities should share and discuss with authorities in other states, cities in the country.

Alternate Route: to help traffic congestion and two wheeler driving on foot path, i guess there should be alternate routes made proper and sign boards made available for diverting the 2-wheeler traffic in that route (strictly 4-wheelers are not allowed - as alternate route could be less wider <30 ft). Authorities need to maintain and upgrade these alternate roads for smoother travel.

Directions, Alternate Routes made available online, sign boards, newspapers/media, on City/RTO guides.


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Hai my suggestion would be


my suggestion would be to integrate (if not all these authourities) the city plans of all these authorities; in fact there should be only one agency responsible for city plannning & implementation.

further I want all of Bangalore to shed the attitude that the city is small & the roads are narrow unlike other cities; if we start today, we can plan & ensure laying of excellent 6 lane (or more) roads for Bangalore. if need be, any building (except monuments & endangered species of trees) in the way of road widening has to be demolshed for road widening (just as is being done for metro work); the revenue earned by the toll / tax of vehicles plying on these widened 6 lane roads can be diverted for paying compensation to owners of buildings which have been demolished (if the buildings which were demolished had been constructed as per all  plans & norms)

Srinath Heragu

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how does europe do it?

heard that many roads in europe especially france/spain/italy are narrow..many are cobbled..

I tried to google for traffic on cobbeld roads in europe and all I got was clean no traffic roads with some flowers on cycles or pizza delivery using scooters! So where is their traffic?

wonder how they manage traffic on these roads..any best practices from there could help us too!

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Deflate their tyres!

Praveen Sood has promised to take some stern action against these chaps.  It is a serious menace.

No need to fine, etc.  Just catch these chaps and deflate both tyres.  Let them learn the lesson the hard way.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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cobbled roads, afaik, are used on roads which they want to use primarily for pedestrians, but donot want to completely block access to vehicles. these roads are not meant to be main thruways. slow vehicles. basically ultra local roads. commercial street should would be an ideal fit. but it is not a uniquely indian thing. everywhere it is recognized, both behavior and design and enforcement are necessary control this. but in this picture itself it seems to be a problem of bad behavior and zero control. they have elevated footpaths + grades for access. what can anybody do if people misuse it. may be they can put a line of bollards perpendicular to the curb line on the footpath at such critical points. comment guidelines

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