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Whitefield main road - lets get help from local MLA

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Some Praja members are planning to meet Mr Aravind Limbavali (Hon. minister for Higher Education and MLA from Mahadevapura) to discuss the road and traffic issues in and around Whitefield area. Of specific interest is the area between Marathalli-Varthur road and Whitefield Main road.

We are trying to reach Mr Limbavali's office to get an appointment. If you are working/living in the Whitefield area or if you are just interested in teking things forward, please join the meeting by replying to this post.

Whitefield has one of the highest concentration of Software Industries in Bangalore. Close to 50000 people work in this area. With the amount of construction activities going on, this figure will only go up by leaps and bounds. In spite of all the export and employment that this area is generating, the infrastructure here is in pathetic state, particularly the Whitefield main Road. There is absolutely no concept of pavements on this road, whatever is there is frequently dug up by the utility companies who needless to say do a shabby job. Actually, the main road only crudely qualifies to be called a road - with huge craters which will put even a rural kachha road to shame. Such is the state of the road at some places (like at Kundanahalli junction) that it is just impossible to move at a rate more than 5-6 KMPH. The rains over the last couple of weeks have not helped either. There is no concept of drains on this road - in fact road is the place where water flows when it rains. I can just go on and on. I am a heavy user of this road. I am not aware of the condition of other roads in this area - but I am sure it will be no better. So anyone with some knowledge of the other roads please make it a point to make it to this meeting.

Mr Limbavali I am told is very nice and approachable person. He also hosts his site - (it is in Kannada though). At part of this area also comes under KR-Puram constituency represented by Mr Nandish Reddy. At a latter stage we also plan a meeting with him.



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Any luck reaching Mr Limbavali?

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Here are his phone #s: 25290215, 98440-76283 Any ITPL commuters interested in joining in?
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what is the time of meeting

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I live in CV Raman Nagar

I would like to joinl; is the meeting over; f not can uou have it over a wekend



Srinath Heragu

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RK is already at it

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Saw this on a few mailing lists. Mr R K Misra is already at it. Lets join this 'Whitefield agenda task force'. Next meeting is this Thursday though (work day), and not at whitefield (Vidhan Soudha):


Please find attached the minutes of 2nd meeting of Mahadevapura Agenda Task Force on 7th September.

You could circulate it to your friends in this area so that they know various development works being done in this area.

Next meeting is scheduled on 18th September - Thursday at 3:30 in Vidhan Soudha meeting room (to be notified).

Mahadevapura Agenda Task Force (MATF) 2nd Review Meeting Minutes

Date :7th Sep-2008         Venue :Palm Meadows Club House

Minutes of the Meeting -

The meeting was convened by Mr. R. K. Misra and Chaired by the Honorable Minister Mr. Arvind Limbavali. It was attended by Mr. Nayak JC BBMP, Mr. Venkatesh – Tehsildar, Mr. Devraj – EiC – BBMP and other officials from BBMP, BDA, PWD, BWSSB, BESCOM, Education Department and Revenue Department along with core committee of SAHYOG - A PPP Initiative.

Agenda- To review the progress made after first meeting on 23rd August – 2008.

1.     ROB/RUBs, Metro, Elevated Roads

1.1.   Kadugodi (Sai Baba Ashram) ROB

Minister informed about his inspection of the work on 6th September and expressed his satisfaction on the progress. Scheduled Completion Date – December – 31st

Action Item – Review the progress again on 18th September meeting.

1.2  Beniganahalli RUB

Meeting to be fixed with PWDs NH division and Railways to ascertain the status and time lines. In the interim, PWDs NH division to be requested to asphalt the road near RUB as it is really bad as reported by Nagesh, Traffic Inspector.

Action Item – Hon. Minister to call a meeting of Railways/and PWDs NH division

2.     BBMP

2.1.   Street Lights, Medians & Concrete Footpaths

Marthahalli-Kundalahalli-Kodi-Hope Farm-Kadugodi Rd & Kundalahalli-Hoodi Rd

*         STREET LIGHTS - Many lights which needed small repair are already working. We thank BBMP for prompt action.

*         MEDIANs- BBMP Horticulture department has already surveyed the road and submitted the proposal for approval to JC BBMP. Work to begin soon.

*         CONCRETE FOOTPATH - BBMP is preparing the estimate and will submit for approval. We need to follow-up with the help of Hon Minister

*         CUTTING OF TREES BY HOARDING AGENCY – A hoarding has been put opposite Sankara Eye Hospital by cutting around 20 trees. BBMP to cancel the license of the agency and take punitive action by informing forest department as per the FOREST ACT

2.2  Flyover at Hope Farm Junction

Given the high traffic volume due to FCI go-down, CONCOR ICD Terminal, large number of industries and residential layouts in this area and BIAL connectivity, Hon Minister asked BBMP to prepare a proposal for flyover at Hope Farm Junction

2.3  Sanitation – Sewage Discharge in Lakes – Providing STPs
BBMP has identified 5 lakes where sewage water is being discharged. EiC Mr. Devaraj informed that a proposal to provide STPs at these lakes is being processed.

3.     BDA

3.1.   Marthahalli-ORR Signal Free Junction
BDA to approve the project in the next Board meeting. It is already in the seniority list. Work to complete in 2 months, post approval/tender process.

3.2.   Traffic Junctions Improvement
4 junctions  at  Kundalahalli, Hope Farm, Hoodi and Rajmane have been surveyed by BDA. Feasibility Report to be submitted by BDA by 15th September.

3.3.   KR Puram – Hope Farm Road improvement by BDA
Estimate already submitted to EM of BDA. To be submitted to the Board for approval.

Action Item – BDA EE, Mr. Reddy to update on progress and timelines.

4.     PWD

4.1.   REPAIR - Hon Minister directed PWD to urgently complete the repair of the Kundalahalli-Varthur Kodi- Kadugodi road for which estimate of Rs. 25 Lakh has been submitted

4.2.   ROADs HAND-OVER to BBMP - 2 roads – Kundalahalli- Varthur Kodi-Kadugodi Road and Kundalahlli-Hoodi Roads to be handed over to BBMP

4.3.   SLOW WORK on Kadugodi-Hoskote (NH-4) road widening. Reasons? Completion?

Action Item - PWD EE, Mr. Nagappa to update on the progress.

5.     KIADB - EPIP Area Street Lights and Road Repair

KIADB has already called for tenders to repair the street lights post which the area will be handed over to the Industry association.

Action Item – KIADB and EPIP Association to report back the progress.

6.     Revenue (Tehsildar) - Lakes Handover to BBMP

Mr. Venkatesh (Tehsildar) to bring the map/ownership status on 18th meeting. Forest & Minor irrigation dept to be requested to transfer the lakes to BBMP.

Notice has already been issued to liquor shops and other petty shops at KUndalahalli junction. Follow-up needed.

7.     BMTC

7.1.   BMTC Bus Depot land along ORR in Marthahalli is being encroached. BMTC to take possession and develop Bus Depot asap

7.2.   BMTC to provide SARATHI in Marthahalli/Kundalahalli area to ensure orderly STOP of buses away from junctions

7.3.   BMTC to give list of RURAL Bus shelters to be provided in PPP model by SAHYOG

8.     Education & Health

8.1.   A PPP model was agreed to provide 25 Schools with One Room & a Toilet.
Vinod/Anand from SAHYOG will work with DDPI to identify these schools and proceed.

8.2.   Convert one PHC to General Hospital and one PHC to a Model PHC.
Dr. Satish from SAHYOG along with Mr. Devraj (Rural Development) & Health Department will work on the project.

9.     Culture & Sports

9.1.   PUBLIC LIBRARAY – 30 Gunta land in Tubrahalli to be transferred to BBMP by revenue department. BBMP to sign MoU with SAHYOG for developing a Public Library with digital Library facility

9.2.   RANGAMANDIRA - Land in Nellurhalli to be handed over to BBMP which will develop Rangamandira on a PPP model

9..3.   STADIUM - 8 acres of land has been identified near Gunjur for the stadium project. Youth & Sports department to provide a stadium and sports complex on this land.

Action Items – Land transfer procedure to be initiated by revenue department. Hon minister to request youth and sports department for stadium/sports complex facility.

10.  Building set-backs & On-road Parking

10.1.BBMP town planning department to survey buildings in Kundalahalli, Brookfield , Whitefield, Tubrahalli, Ramagondanhalli and ascertain compliance to set-back and parking guidelines

10.2.Traffic police to carry out a NO Parking drive. Parking tickets to be issued for vehicles parked on Kundalahalli to Varthur road as well as the interior roads in all the layouts like Beml. Aecs, Brookefield.

11.  Items to be discussed with the Government (To be taken up by Hon. Minister)

11.1.Metro to be starting from Kadugodi – To discuss with BMRCL

11.2.Elevated roads on ORR from Jayadeva to Hebbal via Marthahalli & KR Puram

11.3.Elevated Road from Kundalahalli to Trinity Junction and Hebbal

RK Misra


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Good, but no elevated roads yet

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This initiative is very good. But I am a little skeptical on elevated roads(11.2 & 11.3). We all agree that we need public transport and this is a step in the other direction.

Maybe a good idea to check if an LRT can be incorporated in the elevated road. For eg: the BETL Hosure road expressway, we are now thinking of have a METRO along the same line. Woudnt it have been much cheaper if the design had been incorporated along with the elevated road. I dont see how they are going to do it now.

Somehow, RK, from what little interaction I had, is in the build build build mindset I think. It should be think design think plan think build, I think :)




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Lets get in to these meetings first

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I think the first step should be to get in and and participate. RK does listen, and can live just fine with disagreements. Local MLA is also a nice and humble man. Let some of us go and attend these meetings. Specifics on what should happen can all happen once we interact and get a chance to express our views and suggestions.

Rithesh is planning to make a separate post around update from these meetings. Lets get deeper into Whitefield via that. comment guidelines

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