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Bus Turnouts

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Public Transport

Bus turnouts are bus stop areas that are recessed from the thoroughfare. The turnout provides an en route bus with an off-street service point that does not interfere with traffic movement and provides a safe waiting area for transit users.


Bus turnouts advantages:
• Allows traffic to proceed around the bus, reducing delay for general traffic
• Maximizes vehicular capacity of roads
• saves fuel by reducing idling vehicles

• Clearly defines the bus stop
• Passenger loading and unloading can be conducted in a more relaxed manner
• Eliminates potential rearend accidents

Bus turnouts are desirable where one of the following conditions exist:
• Peak period boarding is high.
• Average peak period dwell time exceeds 20 seconds per bus.
• Where buses are expected to layover at the end of a trip.
• Where there is adequate space for turnout length and depth given to allow a bus to
safely exit and enter into the flow of traffic.


Guidelines for bus turnouts
• Turnout should not be placed at signalized intersections but should be in the mid strech
• Twelve foot width is desirable to reduce sideswipe accidents, ten foot width is
• Turnout should be sections laid in concrete as oil leaks and constant braking by heavy busses cannot be sustained by asphalt.

One of the very successful turn outs in bangalore is the one on mysore road as we land from flyover, front of gopalan mall. This was mada by the virtue of the truck turnout of the now defunct toll gate!
One of the failed designs is at the junction next to Indiranagar BDA cplx..on OMR..its at a junction and so it failed..

There was a plan to improve the bus bays in blr..wonder if we could implement this more scientifically! Google has many docs on the design of turn outs..hope its used!


We need a paradigm shift

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We need a paradigm shift about how the Bus System operates in our city. Having the Central Bus Stand and Railway Station in Majestic is bound to create connectivity problems.


Just like Satellite Bus Stands, Satellite Railway Stations at the North, South, East and West of the City should be the norm.


It would be a good idea if the above facilitities are provided in the peripheral ring road.

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Sattelite Bus Stations

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Sattelite Bus Stations should preferably be placed at points on major trunk routes out of the city, at which the traveller leaving from or coming into the city should be able to continue further on a bus, an auto, a taxi, or a metro connection.


Such a terminal should have some shopping, waiting areas, food stalls, etc.


London is a good example of a city which has tried to plan such integration at each such terminal; trains in each direction are at different parts of the city, at all these terminals one has the possibility of using a variety of transport modes, plus there are typically railway hotels, shops, restaurants, etc.


These are ways of reducing road congestion by reducing travelling time.

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i need to improve my vocab, awesome doesnot cover all emotions. but this just great sri. what i like is the way you made it relevant to bangalore by showing two concrete examples. you need to lug around a camera too. :) we need to make a list of all the bus stop types and get atleast a few of us thinking about why a particular stop works, and why it doesnt and how it can be improved. if you are interested, i can mail you a few files from the TRB. lemme know. satellite bus stations are tricky. dunno if it is a cure all. if a mangalore bus, carrying passengers headed in 8 directions in bangalore, stops at peenya, then from peenya there need to be eight buses within the city. similarly if all the people wanting to mangalore have to go to peenya, dunno if it makes sense to for all to rush to peenya. but it might be useful to have satellite stops in peenya, yeshwantpura, majestic, and so on... where people can get down/get in to buses to mangalore and use local transport and buses to from/to these stations.
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I agree that Satellite Bus Stands are Tricky

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Satellite Bus Stands are very tricky. I take the example of Mysore Road Bus Stand. Only Non-Stop Mysooru Mallige Bus Stand starts from here. Executive services like Airavatha and Rajahamsa still start from Majestic. Passengers will simply get into executive buses to avoid the burden of changing the bus at satellite bus stand. This improves the revenue of KSRTC!!

Second worse thing is Tamil Nadu buses are started from Byatarayanapura Bus Stand. How does it makes sense to have Tamil Nadu buses which are bound towards Hosur to start from Mysore satellite bus stand. It is OK if Ooty buses start from here.

Also, these TamilNadu buses have made the satellite bus stand very messy with buses in all sort of hapazordal directions.

If we have excellent MRTS passing through satellite bus stands, then only it makes more sense.  


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TN busses from mysore rd bus terminal..

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Kerala and TN busses to start from mysore rd bus stand is a move to prepare for the decongestion of the Majestic busstand to acoomodate work on the redesign of the station to be made multi level as the metro trains start..

One option for TN busses could have been the KH/double rd stn..dunno why that was dumped! comment guidelines

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