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Working Group on "Transportation" - all set!

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Let us get moving with our first working group (WG). We will not put arbitrary structures around it, rather, lets let the concept evolve and take its shape. Name we suggest is "Transportation", with a broad and simple goal - "work to enhance mobility of people in Bengaluru". "pro public transport", "anti cars", "pro privatization", "pro reforms" etc etc - no such specifics are assumed. What will happen on the ground will tend to reflect the majority opinion of members who will donate time to this WG. However, we expect discussions and material on to drive its workings.

To begin with, WG would be expected to do the following:

  • Meet relevant government or civic bodies to suggest things, ask questions, and if possible, perform due diligence on some ideas, whether Praja's or anybody else's
  • Log all actions of WG on
  • Track activities of relevant government bodies (BMTC, BMLTA, Transport ministry etc)
  • Prepare solid and quality references on the subject of transportation on the upcoming wiki/infopedia section here
  • [Note: above two activities are fit for 'remote' or 'online only' (NRI etc) members who can't participate on on-ground action at Bengaluru. Moreover, WG members will need material support (presentation, research etc) from time to time. 'remote' folks will be fit to help there as well]

Bottom-line, let us start simple and see how this moves. Remember, the 'Praja difference' is openness and collaboration. We are trying to see if 200 people doing 1 hour a week can achieve more than 4-5 people doing 10 hours a week.

Now, on to the specifics of this WG:

  • On the website, we will create a 'virtual group' called "Transportation" under "Bangalore" City. We will add all members who had expressed interest in that post a month ago. If you missed out then, express interest via comments on this post. Moreover, soon, all memebers will be able to join this new "Group" by going to their "My Accounts" page. So in case, we miss inviting you, just add yourself. But please do not join the 'virtual group' if you only want to read about its workings. Join only if you want to participate. All workings of the group will anyway be public, so everyone can read all material they would post.
  • Murali sir, who has a lot of experience in this space, has offered to get us started and run this WG. He will soon be announcing the dates for the first meeting of the Transportation WG.
As they say, feedback is the breakfast of champions. And we want to be a champion group! So feel free to suggest or criticize.


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time for action on the ground

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Hi folks

I live in a complex in Koramangala. We have convenient meeting halls here. As soon as sufficient people show interest, we can meet up. Would like to make it happen, say within another ten days.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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As im transport Planner , i can come forward for this idea, u can reply me comment guidelines

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