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February 2013

Suggestions to UDD on amendments to KAOA


Got a call from someone in the UDD department inviting suggestions from us on KAOA amendments.  Tjis is a good opportunity to provide the inputs.  However, go alone knows when this will see an outcome.

That is the good news.

Mobilicity Event @ CiSTUP, March 6 - Day Plan

Here is an hour by hour plan for the event day (March 6). Please do register here if you want to attend. And more details are on this event post.

Life of Piscine Molitor brings an Oscars for the Bangalore boy Vibhish Shivakumar

India is often perceived as a land of magical or spiritual powers. In India the existence of individual spirits as separate from the physical bodies is an accepted belief. Though highly unscientific bereft of any evidence it is deep rooted in the Indian psyche.

No Commuter Rail Proposal from GOK - PMO

Commuter Rail

"No proposal was received from Government of Karnataka to start the Commuter Rail Service in Bangalore" was the reply from Prime Minister's office to a RTI query.

Living A Rewarding and Successful Life

Everything else

Quite often I have been hearing and reading news of people being termed of living a ‘successful life’.. They have been termed successful based on their talent, achievement, popularity and sometimes, public adulation comment guidelines

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