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June 2010

Callous Attittude of BMTC Authorities - No ownership of work -highly deplorable.

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Hi Prajas,

The BMTC bus fares have been hiked... and the monthly pass with the new revised rates have still not reached the pass-counters be it at BMTC major bus-stands (Majestic,Shivajinagar, KR Market) leave alone other bus-depots.

Bangalore and Signal Free Corridors

Public transport die hards don't want any of this. Car lovers want them. But many believe that some solution is required in Bangalore to improve radial connectivity across ends of Outer Ring Road.

  • BBMP has been trying to improve radial connectivity by widening some corridors, and planning more flyovers etc at busy signals.
  • BBMP has tried doing this on Belary Road via Magic Boxes.
  • Some people have proposed tunnel roads to connect CBD with Outer areas.
  • BDA is converting Outer Ring Road to a signal free corridor
  • CTTP 2007 had proposed long elevated roads above 4 key radial corridors.

Let us outline detailed posts on the subject under this book. This is a wiki post anyway, so if anyone wants to add more to this page itself, just edit it instead of adding comments.

Praja Suddi - Issue 2


Tuesday 29 June

Crowdsourcing: BMTC Vajra Route info database - I

A few folks at Praja are trying to create some handy, cool and easy to understand maps for buses. In the initial phases their focus has been on the volvo routes.

A few suggestions on Opendata

Everything else

I had a few ideas and wanted to run it through you guys.

I think we should lay greater stress on partnerships. We will be able to make a greater impact and work on our strengths if we do that. When I say our strength what I essentially mean is our community and our analytical skills. While I realise what I am proposing is not really "OpenData" but it will be a very good start.

Some organisations I suggest we reach out to are -

1. Accountability Initiative - (check them out here:
I had reached out to the lady who runs it, Yamini Aiyer, for some other reasons. If you look at their home page they have a lot of mention of opendata. During our conversation she told me that they already have MIS data of 12 government ministries ( I dont ask the exact details) but they have not made them available yet. Maybe we can get our hands on that data and then start discussions on them and make that data available on our site. comment guidelines

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