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April 2009

IT Returns from Candidates

Curiosity led me to look at affidavits filed by lok sabha election candidates on Interesting. If I had a net worth of 108cr like Mr Surendra Babu (JD-S, B'lore North) does, I'm sure our tax collectors will shadow me everywhere I go. But not so for our candidates.

Death Trap - Mysore Road

The traffic from Vijayanagar right upto townhall is getting more dense but there is no improvement in the road infrastructure at all.

Thank you for highlighting the water woes


Thank you, thank you very much Times of India, and journalists Jayashree Nandi & Aarthi R for highlighting the water woes of Bengaluru right atop your Sunday frontpage, bang next to that thing called IPL. Water shortage and quality issues came up high in Jaagore-Praja-SmartVote election issue survey here, which was a bit surprising (yeah, we know and care!). But no candidate has shown serious interest or understanding - forget solutions - for the looming water shortage faced by Namma Bengaluru.

Interested members who want to take this further, please sign up for this BWSSB tracking project which is running slow for lack of volunteers (just leave a comment there to say you want to help). We must track and understand BWSSB's projects and constraints, the understanding and impact of their initiatives (or delays) has to be taken beyond just some dedicated NGOs working in this space.

Solidarity March

19 Apr 2009 07:00
19 Apr 2009 10:00

SmartVote & Round Table India invite you to participate in the Solidarity March on Sunday, the 19th April .

Please be there, apart from expressing your Solidarity for the March, to meet like-minded people / voluntary groups and create awareness about Smartvote - Know your candidate initiatives. comment guidelines

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