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April 2009

Me ? I'm not causing the problem !

TrafficTraffic jams

It's always somone else causing the problem !

In general, the richer the person is:

1. The more resources he uses

2. The more he feels that he part of the solution

3. The less he feels that he is part of the problem.

"Development Fundamentalism" and BBMP elections

Merry months of May, June and July 09 ahead for Bengalureans--  a grand development bonanza awaits all whther we like it or not. 

  1. signal free roads
  2. Metro rail
  3. 6-lane roads
  4. and later  Mono Rail

are the new icons of "development fundamentalism" in Bengaluru!

Roads in Nagarbhavi layout

Nagarbhavi layout is an old BDA layout. Except few blocks almost all blocks have large population. After forming the Nagarbhavi layout it seems this area is completly neglected by BDA and now by BBMP. Roads are in very bad shape. Recently only few main roads are tarred. It is very difficult to use vehicles on this roads.

LS Candidates 'Jaataka'

Dear All

If anybody wants to know their LS candidates details, please log on to or SMS to 56070 -

myneta-space-picode(your area) or call toll free Mon-Sat 10 AM to 6 PM 1-8--110-440

The other citizens initiatives are listed below - other than -  taken from

Bagging it the green way


 There was a big hue and cry sometime back as I remember about plastic bags. However I see that use of plastic bags continues unabated. comment guidelines

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