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April 2009

At last realization has dawn on BMTC for rationalization of its routes!

Public Transport

At last, a better sense and realization has dawned on BMTC to start thinking of rationalizing its routes and aligning it with the Metro network. In any problem-fixing situation, the realization and accepting that there is a problem that exist itself is a half the battle. Now the BMTC needs to fight the other half of the battle of planning and executing the plan for route rationalization.

Commercial St. pedestrianization - meeting with shop owners association

27 Apr 2009 18:00
27 Apr 2009 20:00

First meeting on the issue, with The Bangalore Commercial Association, which is the association of shop owners on Comm. St.

Revised Kendra Sarige / HOHO routes

Public Transport

After a poor response from the public to the initial Kendra Sarige services, the BMTC has revised the routes. The highlight of the new route is, it connects the 3 main BMTC hubs (TTMCs) - KempeGowda Bus Stand (Majestic), Shantinagar Bus Stand and Shivajinagar Bus Stand.

Pedestrian Voice - A joint campaign by Swabhimana and Praja

SWABHIMANA  and  PRAJA  are planning to bring together citizens ,stake holders and elected representatives on a common platform to discuss pedestrian related problems in different areas of Bengaluru

Petition to CM to end BMTC/KSRTC monopoly

The bus is now beginning to re-establish its position as the primary mode for public transport. And, of course, the importance of public transport is a now a no-brainer. Given this scenario, government monopolies (BMTC & KSRTC) occupying this critical space is an anomaly that cannot be suffered any longer. comment guidelines

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