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April 2009

Easy auto being relaunched

Easy auto, an autorickshaw initiative launched couple of years ago and in spite of very good intentions, failed to gain a critical mass and momentum to sustain the service.

Was there selective cleansing of Bangalore electoral roles?


That's in effect what Justice M F Saldanha (Retd), Chairman – Karnataka Chapter, Trnasparency International India, is alleging. His letter to the Chief Election Commissioner, Karnataka, is reproduced below:

Street event - Commercial St. Analysis

2 May 2009 07:30
2 May 2009 08:30
Pedestrian Infrastructure

The idea of the meeting is to acquaint ourselves with the geography of commercial street, get a clear picture of what is possible and create a plan.

Lets do it early morning so that it is not crowded and we dont have to worry about the traffic and the noise.

Killing our lakes - Hebbal/Nagavara Lake example


See the image below - it shows the Hebbala and Nagavara lakes. I am told by the locals that the area covered in the red boundary once formed an elaborate and huge lake system. The system first got divided by the Bellary road and the region right to the road subsequently dried out. This region was taken over by the UAS and they used it for rice/paddy crop experiments.

Voters' apathy? Rubbish!!!

There is much talk about the urban middle class’s apathy and how they intentionally stayed away from the polling booths despite initiatives like Lead India and Jaago Re. But, actually, problem isn’t voters’ apathy - it's the flawed electoral system. comment guidelines

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