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April 2009

Use Jnnurm funds for Recharging lakes, wells, tanks and other water bodies

Elsewhere in Praja there  are posts on 'Killing Lakes' supported be excellent documentation.

Electoral rolls - possible remedial measures

 According to the official site of the state election commission of Karnataka SECKA the role of this commission is:

Fight to Vote

Background: My family has been voting in the same constituency since, at least, the 1952 elections(Guess, my grandparents had voted in the Representative Assembly elections too, that's pre-independence era). They have been voting in the same voting booth(Immaculate Heart Convent) since its inception.

Voter lists - issues and possible fraud

Voter list issues to the fore. From Mysore

BMTC email update

Following are the latest updates from BMTC

On RTI: Per plan, first attempt would be to get as much information as possible from the BMTC via directly from the respective officials. BMTC has been contacted regarding the same and they will get back to us with right officials we need to contact. comment guidelines

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