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January 2009

Pensioner's paradise - no more....

Petty thieves work the nights and cart off anything they can find outside our locked doors. Gangsters storm our homes in broad day light. And now you see killing of innocent civilians, day AND night. Today’s DH counted 16 reported murders in 20 days.

What has become of the law and order situation in our city? Where are we heading?

Which are the Bangalore's congested corridors?

Public Transport

Dear Prajagale,

 I need your help. I need information on congested corridors of Bangalore for further analysis to decongest them in the context of re-jigging the BMTC routes and schedules. I would like take Narayanan's post BMTC Zones and divisions, further and present a report/presentation on possible solutions with little more on-ground study.

Sankey Road to lose trees


The Arterial Sankey Road, from Cauvery Theatre Junction to Yeshwantpur Circle Junction is going to be widened and going to lose all the green cover it has. It is going to become a major disaster given that Sankey Tank and surrounding regions cannot withstand such a large amount of vehicular pollution.

Pedestrian Ramp Standards

This is mostly a collection of external resources and best practices. Please feel free to add to the knowledge base.

The following links are examples of standards for designing disabled and stroller friendly pavement ramps.

1. Pedestrian Ramp General details

A solution for eastbound OMR/ORR lanes


The mess at Bennigannahalli is a 2 km microcosm of what haphazard (if any) planning can result in- apathy (and sometimes antipathy) to public transportation, lane indiscipline, poor forethought (narrow RUB; non-existent pedestrian infrastructure) and bad design (Cable-stayed bridge) to name a few. However IMO some solutions are not that far away. comment guidelines

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