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January 2009

The festivity over in Belgaum

 Should I say the party (festivity) is over or at last it’s over, leave it to you?

Is there an official flag representing Karnataka?

Interesting discussion started with some citizens noticed a Flag in the site banner on ABIDE website. Even myself, till now assumed that this is flag that represents Karnataka. The comment that started this debate is here.

Further Analysis of Narayanan's BMTC Zones & Routes

Public Transport

Dear Prajagale, sometime back in May, 2008 our friend Narayanan wrote a very thought provoking post with the possible solution to strengthen Bangalore's public transport system. That post received very good response and post-analysis reviews. The discussion was about re-hauling present bus routes that exists in Bangalore.

BIAL HSRL back in focus

Today's DH reports that HSRL is back on track, after the cabinet gave its go-ahead. More details here.

Pune cops look at solutions to smoothen traffic flow using fuzzy logic

Here is how data is mis-interpreted and mis-used to suit one's belief systems:

Below is a letter I wrote to the journalist who did this TOI feature - comment guidelines

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