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January 2009

RTI Help - Garbage not being collected for disposal

The garbage collection has stopped happening at my apartment a few weeks ago. The people who used to come to do it were demanding 50 Rs per house per month!

Belgaum getting a face lift: roads, pavements: Belgaum Session

Thanks to the proposed Belgaum session of the legislature the roads of Belgaum are getting a makeup done. I am on purpose saying makeup, as its only make up on the old roads. But whatever it might be its good for all of us. In the picture: The Sanchayni Circle road being re-laid. Congress Road is also being done and some other roads leading to JNMC have already been completed.

Extra Windows in Trains

Please provide windows/glass windows for upper-berth passengers in sleeper and ac compartments . Insufficient light / wind from the fan would be rectified . Reduces rush down on the way ,enhancing passengers to carry luggages easily if upper berth passengers find their berth comfortable enough to remain there . Please comment ...

Bangalore Urban Planning Center

GOK and IISC will come together to establish a Center for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CiSTUP). I really like the idea of an institution like IISC heading this effort.

Read this 1/Jan DH Report for more.


Moving the capital out of Bangalore

This is an idea that has been discussed before, including on this forum. I am coming from the view not of the governance structure of Bangalore (autonomy etc) which is an orthogonal issue, but of the power of such a move to take the pressure off Bangalore. comment guidelines

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