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June 2008

Pollution getting worse..not by increase in vehicle numbers ?!

TIO report today says that newer vehicles on road are polluting more than the older vehicles !

"new cars in India are spewing more greenhouse gasses than older models,
pushing up emissions in Delhi alone by 72% in five years (2002-07), the Centre for Science and Environment said on Monday, releasing
its analysis of emissions data accessed from the Automotive Research Association of India."

One reason they mention is that size/power of vehicles in increasing and hence the reduction in mileage..fair enough.

Traffic signals on Bellary Road

Hi all, As most of us have experienced, there is a huge jam on the junction of D Rajagopal that is a left towards Sanjaynagar from Bellary Road. Because of the existing traffic signal, traffic on both ways, from BIAL on Bellary Road and to BIAL on Bellary Road is stuck up for a long time at this signal.

Andy Mukherjee BIAL Article in Bloomberg - How BIAL distorts the truth

Bangalore's New Airport Is a Dream Going Sour: Andy Mukherjee

Commentary by Andy Mukherjee

Cooperative Transport

I am proposing something in between public transport and car pooling - we can call it "Cooperative transport".

Daily commuters along a fixed corridor and fixed timings can come together to hire a vehicle from BMTC or any private vehicle provider. The elected 'leader' can manage all coordination activities.

modern metered taxis in Pune

I am not aware of any modern metered taxi service like other major cities in India where one can book taxis over phone or web. Currently there are old rickety yello/black cabs only at airport or Railways station and they do not use meters even though they are supposed to.

Any reason why the progressive city of Pune lacks such a basic service?

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