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June 2008

A letter to Mr. Brunner

I got a little tired of scouring various web sites for pictures of BIAL so decided to drive down to see the Real McCoy. The letter that I am planning to send to Mr. Brunner was triggered by this visit. WARNING: This is long and mindless.

Dear Mr. Brunner,

China diary: A Bangalorean in awe

China diary: A Bangalorean in awe T J S George | June 04, 2008

How Industry can help reduce traffic congestion

TrafficPublic Transport
With the rising cost of fuels and the congestion on the roads one would hate to drive but as work demands we grind our teeth and just pull along. How long is this going to work? I have a friend in the IT Industry, His job is mostly at client locations and currently rides a 2 wheeler. His company offered him a hike of 15K if he moved to a car. Ouch!

Bengaluru airport compared to other international airports

Hi all,

The Bengaluru airport as we know opened recently on May 23 and was long over due.

Anyways that's done better late than never. But I am sure many people on this forum would have travelled to many places and seen many airports round the world. comment guidelines

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