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April 2008

Whats the split of authority between BBMP, BDA, BMRDA?

The adventurous bus stands - K R Puram

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There are a few of these special bus stands these days that exist right before a flyover or an underpass. Just as the road forks and grade separation begins, you find some crowd. Buses usually stops to block traffic heading towards the underpass or flyover. And pedestrians either have to run across flowing traffic, or wait in the middle of traffic to catch buses. Needless to say, you get a lot of 'almost' hit-and-run and screeching halt situations.

Ideas for Bangalore

Segregation of Residential & Commercial Localities: The recent Cabinet decision for mixed zoning is highly deplorable. Occurrence of commercial activities in residential areas and vice versa will spoil the peace, tranquility and greenery of our lovely city and state lead to tremendous noise and dust pollution and disturb the peace of the neighborhood.This decision should be IMMEDIATELY REVOKED.

Urban Rail - The Chennai Experience

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Sometime back, I remember reading a report in a magazine (published from either HongKong or Singapore) about the Chennai Suburban Rail (CRS) & the newer MRTS. This report, I think was actually based on a study for economic assistance for expansion of the Chennai MRTS (Phases 2 & 3).

Ring Roads - whats up BMRDA?


Whats up with BMRDA? Their website has been dead for almost an year now, though that is not the best measure or indicator of their activity levels. Their plans for developing satellite towns around Bangalore have a real shot at solving our city's problems by de-congesting it. But there haven't been concrete updates recently. comment guidelines

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