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April 2008

Want corridors, not flyovers

As Rithesh said here, Rammurthy Nagar under pass on ORR has moved jams to nearby signals. Jayadeva Circle flyover has made BTM 19th main signal and ORR/BG Road intersection area tougher to manage. Combination of Jayadeva circle and Dairy circle underpasses have made BG Road between the two points unmanageable. Flyover at silk board junction will soon stick out like a sore thumb once elevated Hosur Road is done, couple of more pillars and elevated road could have poured vehicles directly on ORR and Hosur Road.

Shortcomings of PPP Airports: Wharton Article

Knowledge@Wharton on the shortcomings of PPP w.r.t Airports such as GHIAL and BIAL:


wharton article on PPP here

Increase in Rowdism and Goondaism in Bangalore

Ideas for Bangalore - 2

Development of parks & gardens on either side of Devanahalli Airport Road:

High beam lights in Vehicles...

There was lot of discussions about the high beam lights in cars, buses and other vehicles. Why this topic is stopped. The police department is not taking this into consideration.Even the people are careless about the high beam lights. Even within the city they use high beams.I dont know what is the use of it. Is it to show off or what. The traffic police dont even bother to check it. They are only concerned about checking the licenses and finding loopholes on how to issue a challan to the driver. comment guidelines

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